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TriangleEquitableHow can tourism support people, profit and planet?

How do communities react to the opportunities and challenges tourism brings?

How can research inform tourism planning, policy and practice?


Travel fuels one of the worlds’ largest industries, generating investment, tax revenues, jobs, and the conservation of resources. Ensuring that tourism promotes equitable and sustainable development requires cutting-edge research. Our research − conducted at international, national, and regional scales − fosters positive tourism development that conserves natural resources, promotes socio-cultural integrity, and stimulates endogenous economic development.

Faculty and students researching issues related to Equitable and Sustainable Tourism engage community stakeholders, government agencies, industry, and entrepreneurs to develop knowledge that advances science and creates actionable solutions. Using a variety of research methods and technologies, the knowledge we generate in collaboration with key stakeholders is not only disseminated to the academic community but shared through vibrant Extension and outreach programs.

Why does it matter?

Our scholarship has real-world impacts. We develop innovative web-to-cell software that supports market-based economic development and environmental conservation projects. We coordinate an international network of scholars to address the educational needs of big data analytics for tourism graduate students and professionals. We preserve family farms and their heritage by investigating innovative ways to diversify their revenues, especially through agritourism. We foster vibrant and resilient socio-ecological communities by bridging diverse organizations, networking individuals, and promoting sustainability through outreach and education.

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Graduate Faculty Engaged in Research in this Area

Carla Barbieri, Gene Brothers, Whitney KnollenbergYu-Fai Leung, Duarte Morais, Erin Seekamp