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Jason Bocarro


Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) 3028F



Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas.  Ph.D. 2001; Youth Development/Outdoor Education

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  M.A. 1995; Youth Development/Outdoor Education

University of Birmingham, Birmingham, England. B.S.  1992; Race and Ethnicity/Sport Management Concentration

Current Research Interests

  • Youth development, sport, and physical activity and health (see our Aspen Institute Project)
  • Outdoor environments and their influence on children’s health (see the results from our IPARK study)
  • Equity issues within sport and recreation environments (see our Health Matters project)
  • The intersection of clinical community health (see our Park Rx project)
  • Management and policies related to Community Recreation, Parks and Sport (see our Shared Use projects)
  • The legacy and role of Mega Sporting Events in promoting healthy communities (See Carnival and EventRights projects)
  • Relationship development between youth and adults in community-based youth programs

Recent Courses Taught

  • PRT 152 Introduction to Parks, Recreation and Tourism
  • PRT 359 Leadership and Supervision in Recreation
  • PRT 475 Recreation and Park Internship
  • PRT 506 Organizational Behavior and Leadership in SPTR

Selected Projects/Grant Funding

Hardison-Moody, A (PI), Bocarro, J. B., & Hipp, J. A., (2019-2020). Health Matters: Improving Physical Activities among African-American and Low-Income Residents of Edgecombe County – Centers for Disease Control/NC Division of Public Health $79,459.

Brittain, I.,  McGillivray, D.,  Bocarro, J. N., Königstorfer, J., Lundberg, E., Misener, L., Funahashi, H., & Travlos, A. (2019-2023).  EventRights: Addressing inequality, enhancing diversity and facilitating greater dialogue in the hosting of sporting mega events. – European Commission. €791,000.

Bocarro, J. N., Hipp, J. A., Kanters, M. A., & Floyd, M. F. (2016-2018). Thinking Outside the Pillbox: Prescribing Parks for Community Health – Centers for Disease Control/NC Division of Public Health. $187,761.

Hardison-Moody, A. (PI), Haynes-Maslow, L., Bocarro, J. N., Bloom, D., Hipp. J. A. Edwards, M. B., Floyd, M. F., Dunn, C., Bowen, S., Schulman, M. (2016-2018). Building Community Capacity to Prevent Obesity: Extension and Engagement in Four North Carolina Counties – Centers for Disease Control. $1,582,325.

Kanters, M. A., Casper, J., Edwards, M.B., & Bocarro, J. N. (2017-18). Healthy Sport Index – Aspen Institute. $125,680.

Brittain, I., Kipnes, E., Bocarro, J. N., Königstorfer, J., Swart, K. Meloneto, F. (2014-2017). CARNiVAL: An examination of the impact of cultural and sporting mega-events – European Commission. €852,000.

Bocarro, J. N., Floyd, M.F., & Fearn, M. (2015-17). National Park Service Relevance, Diversity and Inclusion Inventory – National Park Service. $87,000.

Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J. N., Floyd, M.F., & Moore, R. (2014-15). Public Park and Trail Support of Public Health Goals – National Park Service. $34,000.

Kanters, M., Bocarro, J. N., & Floyd, M.F. (2012-14). Community Transformation Project: Evaluation of Joint Use – Centers for Disease Control/NC Division of Public Health. $235,108

Bocarro, J. N., Kanters, M., Mahar, M., McKenzie, T. (2012). USA Hockey Physical Activity and the ADM Evaluation Study Proposal – USA Hockey. $37,960.

Bocarro, J. N., Kanters, M., Seamons, P., Aitken, L., & Casper, J. (Co-PI with Kanters). (2011-2012). Middle School Sport Policies and Facilities Research Translation Grant (2011-2012) – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. $26,824.

Bocarro, J. N., Kanters, M., Trogdon, J., MacKenzie, T., & Casper, J. (Co-PI with Kanters). (2010-2011). Middle School Sport Facilities: Policies, Physical Activity, and Cost Effectiveness. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $100,000.

Kanters, M., Bocarro, J.N., Siderelis, C., Armstrong, P. (2010). NRPA Fees and Charges Survey Project. National Recreation and Parks Association. $18, 829.

Bocarro, J. N., Kanters, M., Mahar, M., MacKenzie, T., & Casper, J. (Co-PI with Kanters). (2008-2010). School Intramural Sports and Physical Activity: A Middle School Policy Intervention. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $199,495.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications (from over 50 publications)

McGillivray, D., Edwards, M. B., Brittain, I., Bocarro. J. N., & Konigstorfer, J. (in press). EventRights: A Conceptual Model and Research Agenda for Mega Sport Events. Leisure Studies.

Jones, G.J., Edwards, M.B., Bocarro, J.N., Bunds, K.S., & Smith, J. W. (2018). Leveraging community sport organizations to promote community capacity: Strategic outcomes, challenges, and theoretical considerations. Sport Management Review21, 279-292.

Hardison-Moody, A., Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J.N., Stein, A., Kanters, M. A., Sherman, D., Rhew, L.K., Stallings, W.M., & Bowen, S.K. (2017). Survey of shared use among North Carolina faith communities. Preventing Chronic Disease, 14, E11.

Carlton, T., Kanters, M. A., Bocarro, J.N., Floyd, M.F., Edwards, M.B., & Suau, L.J. (2017). Examining the relationship of shared use programming and leisure time. Preventive Medicine, 95, S10-S16.

Jones, G. J., Edwards, M. B., Bocarro, J. N., Smith, J. W., Bunds, K. S. (2017). Collaborative advantages: The role of inter-organizational partnerships for youth sport non-profit organizations. Journal of Sport Management, 31, 148-160.

Bocarro, J. N., Floyd, M. F., Edwards, M.B., Schultz, C., Smith, W., Baran, P., Moore, R., Cosco, N., & Suau, L.J. (2015). Gender stratified models of social and environmental correlates of park-based physical activity among children and adolescents. Preventing Chronic Disease, 12, E97.

Bocarro, J.N., Kanters, M. A., Edwards, M. B., Casper, J. M., McKenzie, T. L. (2014). Prioritizing school sponsored sport based on observed physical activity. American Journal of Health Promotion, 28(3), S65-S71.

Bocarro, J. N., Kanters, M., Cerin, E., Floyd, M. F., Casper, J., Suau, L.J., & McKenzie, T. (2012). School sport policy and school-based physical activity environments and their association with observed physical activity in middle school children. Health & Place, 18, 31-38.

Floyd, M. F., Bocarro, J. N., Smith, W., Baran, P., Moore, R., Cosco, N., Edwards, M.B., Suau, L.J., & Fang, K.S. (2011). An examination of individual, social, and environmental correlates of children’s park-based physical activity. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 41(3), 258-265.

Bocarro, J. N., Casper, J., Henderson, K., Floyd, M. F., Moore, R., Kanters, M. A., Laven, K., & Edwards, M. B. (2009). Physical activity promotion in North Carolina: Perceptions of public park and recreation directors. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 27(1), 1-16.

Floyd, M. F., Bocarro, J. N., & Thompson, T. (2008). Research on race and ethnicity in Leisure Studies: A review of five major journals. Journal of Leisure Research, 40(1), 1-22.

Books and Selected Book Chapters

Brittain, I., Bocarro, J. N., Byers, T., & Swart, K. (2018). Legacies of Mega Events: Fact or Fairy Tales. Routledge: London.

Bocarro, J. N., & Edwards, M.B. (2016). Sport participation. In T. Byers (Ed.), Contemporary Issues in Sport: An Introduction. Sage Publications: London.

Bocarro, J. N., & Edwards, M.B. (2016). Leisure, Health and Physical Activity. In G. Walker, M. Stodolska, & D. Scott (Eds.), Leisure Matters: The State and Future of Leisure Studies. Venture Publishing Inc., State College, PA.

Selected Presentations

Lounsbery, M. A., McKenzie, T. L., Monnat, S. M., Bocarro, J. N., & Kanters, M. A. (2016). School physical activity policies and practices research. Workshop presented at the Active Living Research 2016 Annual Conference. Tampa, Fl.

Bocarro, J.N., Byers, T., Edwards, M.B., Koenigstorfer, J., & Swart, K. (2015). The legacy of mega sport events: A systematic review and
recommendations. Paper presented at the European Association for Sport Management, Dublin, Ireland.

Bocarro, J.N., Barcelona, R.J., Henderson, K.A., & McCord, R. (2014). A systematic review of the management literature. Paper presented at the 2014 NRPA Leisure Research Symposium. Charlotte, NC.

Bocarro, J.N., Kanters, M. A., Edwards, M. B., & Casper, J. M. (2013). Prioritizing school sponsored sport based on observed physical activity. Paper presented at the Active Living Research 2013 Annual Conference. San Diego, CA.


NC State Provost Faculty Fellow (2019)

The Academy of Leisure Sciences Fellow (2019) – Inducted into the Academy of Leisure Sciences

NC State Faculty Scholar, 2015-2019

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Award, 2014/15

International Visiting Fellowship Award, 2014 – Coventry University, UK

NC State Outstanding Teaching Award, 2009/10 – Inducted into the Academy of Outstanding Teachers

College of Natural Resources Outstanding Teacher, 2009/10

PRTM Outstanding Teacher, 2009/10

UNH Outreach Scholar, 2004/05 – Awarded to faculty members whose research agenda involves a broader audience

SHHS Outstanding New Investigator Award, 2004 – Awarded to an untenured faculty member who has demonstrated extraordinary progress in establishing a productive line of research

Campus Compact for New Hampshire Presidents’ Good Steward Award, 2004 – Awarded to a faculty member in the state who helps strengthen and improve local communities through their work

Roger Ritvo Award, 2003 – Awarded to a faculty member and undergraduate student who collaborate successfully in research

Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute Teaching Award, 2003 – Awarded to a faculty member interested in utilizing technology to enhance their teaching

Society of Park and Recreation Educators New Faculty Leadership Award, 2001 – Awarded in recognition of demonstrated leadership activity and leadership potential to the field

Elda K. Bradberry Scholarship, 2001 ($2000)

Texas A&M Department Graduate Scholarship, 2000 ($1000)

Gamma Sigma Delta Member, 1998 – awarded on basis of scholarship/involvement in service.

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Scholarship, 1998

Canadian AUAA All Star Athlete, 1993

Other (e.g., outside interests)

Running, soccer (both watching and playing), hiking and extended backpacking trips, reading, traveling.


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