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College of Natural Resources

Jonathan Casper

Associate Professor

Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) 3028J



University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado.  Ph.D. 2004

  • Sport Administration

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado.  M.A.  2001

  • Sport Administration

Pitzer College, Claremont, California.  B.A. 1995

  • Human Biology

Current Research Interests

Dr. Casper’s research interests focus on the role of sport and recreation related to active living and quality of life. Specifically, he binds psychological theory to inform marketing and promotional efforts. Dr. Casper also has a research line related to sport and the environment. He has made numerous international presentations including Active Living Research, the North American Society for Sport Management, Sport Marketing Association, and National Park and Recreation Association. Dr. Casper has published in top refereed journals including The American Journal of Health Promotion, Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, European Sport Management Quarterly, Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, and Leisure Sciences.

Recent Courses Taught


  • PRT 491 Introduction to Sales and Revenue Generation (Distance Education)
  • PRT 250 Managing Park and Recreation Facilities
  • PRT 277 Psychological and Cultural Aspects of Sport
  • PRT 475 Internship
  • PRT 476 Sport Marketing


  • PRT 507 (Distance Education) Strategic Marketing Management in Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Sport
  • PRT 595 Sport Marketing and Promotions
  • PRT 801 Doctoral Seminar (Co-Instructor)

Selected Presentations

Bocarro, J., Kanters, M., Casper, J., McKenzie, T. (2013, February). Prioritizing school sponsored sport based on observed physical activity. Active Living Research 10th Annual Conference. San Diego, CA.

Edwards, M., Melton, K., Bocarro, J., Kanters, M., Casper, J. (2013, February). Perceived administrative barriers to providing intramural sports in North Carolina middle schools. Active Living Research 10th Annual Conference. San Diego, CA.

Kelley, K. E., Floyd, M. F., Harrolle, M. G., & Casper, J. M. (2013). Exploring acculturation effects on park and recreation service preferences among Latinos. Oral presentation to be delivered at the Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium. Cooperstown, NY; April 7-9.

Floyd, M. F., Casper, J. M., Harrolle, M. G. Kelley, K. E. & Bruton, C. M. (2012, October). Physical activity constraints among Latinos: Implications for research and practice. National Recreation and Park Association Conference. Anaheim, CA

Kelley, K. K*, Harrolle, M. G., & Casper, J. M. (2012, May). How can professional teams make more money? An investigation of a National Hockey League team. North American Society for Sport Management. Seattle, WA.

Casper, J. M. & Pfahl, M. E. (2012, May). The Green Game: Awareness and expectations of sustainability efforts by spectators. North American Society for Sport Management. Seattle, WA.

Casper, J. M., Bocarro, J . N., & Kanters, M. A. (2012, March). Middle school sport participation, self-concept, and school belongingness. Active Living Research Conference. San Diego, CA.

Harrolle, M. G. & Casper, J. M., (2011). Examination of Park and Recreation Awareness and Behaviors for Latinos. National Recreation and Park Association Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Henderson, K. A., Casper, J. M., Wilson, B. E., & Dern, L. (2011). Importance of reasons, outcomes, and behaviors perceived by senior games participants. National Recreation and Park Association Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Kanters, M. A., Bocarro, J. N., & Casper, J. M. (2011). School Sport Participation in Middle School: A Comparison of Different Sport Delivery Models. National Recreation and Park Association Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Casper, J. M. (2011). Behavior change research and influencing “greener” athletics? Presentation for Campus Environmental Sustainability Team at North Carolina State University. Raleigh, NC.

Casper, J. M. (2011). Sport and U.S. Society. Global Training Initiative, SKEMA Business School. Raleigh, NC.

Casper, J. M., & Jeon, J. (2011). Sport and Active Living. Sport Scientific Institute, Seoul National University. Seoul, South Korea.

Casper, J. M. (2011). Strategic marketing management. International Hunter Education Association 2011 Annual Conference. Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Casper, J.M., & Pfal, M.E. (2011, June). The view from the top: Environmental behavior frameworks of future organizational leaders in sport and recreation. North American Society for Sport Management, Ontario, Canada.

Casper, J.M., Gacio Harrolle, M. & Palacios, I. (2011, February). Perceived constraints to leisure time physical activity among Latinos. Active living Research conference. San Diego, CA.

Bocarro, J.N., Kanters, M., Suau, L., Casper, J.M., Floyd, M.F., & McKenzie, T. (2011, February). Impact of School Sport Policy on Observed Physical Activity in Middle School Children. Active Living Research Conference. San Diego, CA.

Pfahl, M.E., Casper, J.M., & McSherry, M. (2010, October). Integrating Sustainability into Sport Marketing: Developing Sustainable Sustainability Practices for Holistic success in Intercollegiate Athletics Departments. Sport Marketing Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Menefee, W.C. & Casper, J.M. (2010, June). Globalization in professional sport: A comparison of Chinese & American basketball fans. North American Society for Sport Management. Tampa, FL.

Casper, J.M., Bocarro, J.N., & Kanters, M.A. (2010, February). Examining Sport Participation Constraints among Middle School Children. Active Living Research Annual Conference. San Diego, CA.


Outstanding Advisor of the Year, College of Natural Resources, NCSU, 2006


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