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Kyle Bunds

Associate Professor

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) 3028E

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Ph.D., Sport Management, Florida State University
Cognate Area: Equitable Development & Communication, 2014
Dissertation: Water For Sport: The (Re)Production of Global Crisis

M.Ed., Athletic Administration, University of Oklahoma, 2010
Supervisors: David Tan and Vicki A. Williams

B.A., University of Oklahoma, 2008
Major: History

Specialty/Current Research Interests

Dr. Bunds’ research and teaching examines the connection between sport and the environment generally, and sport, water, and air pollution more specifically. The idea that researching, understanding, and communicating how decisions on infrastructure, development, and the environment are made can lead policy makers, organizational leaders, and citizens to make more informed decisions for improving social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and community development guides his research. Dr. Bunds’ primary research interests center on the need for long-term sustainable solutions to environmental crises, an interest in the political, economic, social, and communicative processes of capital development, and a desire to understand how sport can be a vehicle/impediment in responding to these concerns. He is currently working on a book under contract with Routledge focusing on sport, water, charity, and the body, entitled Sport, Politics and the Charity Industry: Running for Water. In addition to his scholarship, Kyle has also guest edited a special issue on political economics for the Journal of Amateur Sport, serves as the Associate Editor for the Journal of Amateur Sport, and he is currently guest editing a forthcoming special issue on sport, physical culture, and the environment in the Sociology of Sport Journal.

Selected Grant Funding

2016-2020   GAPS (Geospatial Applications for Problem Solving) for Hi-Tech Teens – Wellcome Burroughs Foundation $175,006. Role: Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Eric Money; Co-PI’s: Michael Evans, Helena Mitasova, David Chrest, Betsey McFarland).

2016-2017   Sport and Entertainment Venue Management Graduate Certificate Program – NC State Distance Education Learning Technology Applications $63,130. Role: Investigator (PI: Michael Kanters).

2016-2017   Sport Facility Virtual Reality Field Trips and Assessment – NC State Distance Education Learning Technology Applications $8,000. Role: Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Michael Kanters)

2016-2017   NC State Student Athletics Sustainability Coordinator – NC State Sustainability Fund $8,750. Role: Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Jonathan Casper; Co-PI’s: Lindsay Batchelor, Analis Fulgham).

2015-2016   Development and demonstration of methods for measurement of human exposure to air pollution using portable sensors applied to high potential dose scenarios in urban environments – Center for Human Health and Environment $ 34,972.  Role: Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Chris Frey; Co-PI’s: Jonathan Casper & Andrew Grieshop).

2015-2016   Pollutant exposure in microenvironments: Examining air pollution at a Division I college football stadium – NC State Faculty Research and Professional Development $4,500. Role: Principle Investigator (Co-PI’s: Chris Frey & Jonathan Casper).

Selected Journal Publications

Kellison, T.B., Bunds, K.S., Casper, J.M, & Newman, J.I. (Accepted) Public parks usage near hydraulic fracturing operations. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. 

Jones, G.J., Edwards, M.B., Bocarro, J.N., Bunds, K.S. & Smith, J.S. (Accepted). A structural analysis of how youth sport non-profit organizations utilize multi-sector partnerships to build organizational capacity. European Sport Management Quarterly.

Jones, G.J., Edwards, M.B., Bocarro, J.N., Bunds, K.S., & Smith, J.S. (2017). Collaborative advantages: The role of inter-organizational partnerships for youth sport Non-profit organizations. Journal of Sport Management. DOI.

Kellison, T.B., Newman, J.I., & Bunds, K.S. (2017). Framing democracy: Stadium financing and civic paternalism in test market, USA. Sport in Society. DOI.

Bunds, K.S. Brandon-Lai, S., & Armstrong, C. (2016). An inductive investigation of participants’ attachment to charity sports events: The case of team water charity. European Sport Management Quarterly, 16(3), 364-381.

Bunds, K.S. (2016) On the messiness of activism from the inside: Global water charities, organizational ethnography, and the politics of change. Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies, 38(3), 236-259.

Bunds, K.S., Newman, J.I., & Giardina, M.D. (2015). The spectacle of disposability: Bumfights, commodity abjection, and bodies of the neoliberal street. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 32(4), 272-286.

Selected Articles in Trade Journals

Bunds, K.S. (2016). Running for water: A brief history and reflection. Water Resources: Impact, 18(1), 25-28.

Casper, J., Kellison, T., Bunds, K.S., & Newman, J. (2016, April). Fracking on parkland in Appalachia: Study looks at the impact of hydraulic fracturing on public park usage. Parks & Recreation, 44-45.

Refereed Books & Monographs

Bunds, K.S. (Under Contract). Running for water: Sport, politics, and the global water charity industry. Simon Whitmore/Routledge

Bass, J.R., Schaeperkoetter, C.S., & Bunds, K.S. (2015) “The front porch”: Examining the increasing interconnection of university and athletic department funding. ASHE Higher Education Report Monograph Series, 41(5). San Francisco, CA: Wiley

Selected Book Chapters

Bunds, K.S. & Giardina, M.D. (Under Contract). Bodies of water: The intra-action between water, sport, and the body politic. In D. Andrews, H. Thorpe, and J. Newman (Eds.) Sport, Physical Culture, and the Moving Body: Materialism, Technologies, Ecologies.

Bunds, K.S. (Under Contract). Water and sport facilities: usage, issues, and solutions. In B. McCullough and T.B. Kellison (Eds.) Handbook on Sport, Sustainability, and the Environment.

Casper, J.M. & Bunds, K.S. (Under Contract). Tailgating and air quality. In B. McCullough and T.B. Kellison (Eds.) Handbook on Sport, Sustainability, and the Environment.

Bunds, K.S. & Casper, J. M. (2015). Evaluation and analysis of environmental actions. In J.M. Casper and M.E. Pfahl (Eds.) Sport Management and the Natural Environment (pp. 99-112). New York: Routledge.

Giardina, M.D., King-White, R., & Bunds, K.S. (2015). BostonStrong: Sport, terror/ism, and the cultural politics of citizenship. In W. Bridel, P. Markula, and J. Denison (Eds.) Endurance Running: A Socio-Cultural Examination (pp. 111-126). New York: Routledge.

Selected Presentations

Bunds, K.S. (2017, June). Leveraging sport for educating the populace about the environment. To be presented at the University of Toronto Sport and Sustainable Development Symposium.

Jones, G.J., Edwards, M.B., Bocarro, J. N., Bunds, K.S., & Smith, J.S. (2017, May). Challenges to facilitating distributed leadership (DL) in community sport organizations. To be presented at the annual conference of the North American Society for Sport Management, Denver, CO.

Casper, J., Kanters, M., Venditti, R., Bunds, K.S., Rajagopalan, N., & Carlton, T. (2017, May). Measuring transportation and the environmental impact of youth sport programs: A case study. To be presented at the annual conference of the North American Society for Sport Management, Denver, CO.

Barrett, M. & Bunds, K.S. (2016, November). Same game, greater capital: Club cricket for South Asian immigrants in North America. Presented at the annual conference of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, Tampa, FL.

Casper, J.M, Bunds, K.S., Kestenbaum, D., & Levine, S. (2016, June). Healthy air & healthy sport. Presented at the annual Green Sport Alliance Summit, Houston, Texas.

Bunds, K.S., Dennison, J., Markula, P., Horcajo, M.M., Gearity, B. (2016, May). Toward anti-foundationalist sport studies: Qualitative inquiry and the challenge of paradigmatic hysteresis. Presented at the annual conference of the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Champaign-Urbana, IL.

Ferreira, B., Bunds, K.S., Morais, D., & Pollack, J. (2016, May). A Mixed Methods Study to Develop and Validate the Tourism e-Microentrepreneurial Self-Efficacy Scale. Presented at the annual Southeastern Recreation Research Conference, Asheville, NC.

Bunds, K.S., Casper, J.M., Frey, H.C. (2016, March). Major event air pollution monitoring. Presented at the annual NC Breathe Conference, Charlotte, NC.

Bunds, K.S., Newman, J.I., Kellison, T.B., & Casper, J.M. (2015, November). Fractured environment(s): A critical examination of hydraulic fracturing and sport. Presented at the annual conference of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, Sante Fe, NM.