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Graduate Student Research – Forestry Topics

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Adhikary, AnukramDRFORSills, ParajuliInfluence of Community Forestry on the Dynamics of the Integrated Socio-Environmental System
Akdemir, KeremDRFORKernAnalyzing compound influences of heat waves and droughts on the U.S. electricity grid
Alirigia, RexDRFORDelborne, Brown
Arango, LauraDRFORMmartin
Ari Akdemir, EceDRFORKernMulti-objective optimization of energy production pathways
Arteman Schulte. MorganDRFORForresterEffects of harvested forest gaps on carbon dynamics and oak/hickory regeneration in the Southern Appalachian Mountains
Baldwin, WilliamMSFORWhitehillEvaluating the impact of Fraser fir aromatic compounds on deer browse
Beckham, TiraDRFORRichmond-Bryant
Betancourt, AlejandraDRFORMmartin
Bhusal, PrabinDRFORParajuliInfluence of Community Forestry on the Dynamics of the Integrated Socio-Environmental System
Bost, JacobMSFORCook
Brigham. MichaelMRFORRoise
Caslin, MichaelDRFORKattiAssessing the damage and resilience of Swietenia macrophylla and Talipariti elatum in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
Cherotich, LeonidaDRFORHodgeImprovement of vegetative multiplication rate of pine seed, and sterile propagation of mature pine genotypes
Cofre, CarlosDRFORWang
Conner, SarahDRFORIsikGenetic variation in Fusiform rust disease resistance in the northern breeding population of loblolly pine in the southeastern U.S
Cooper, TyrikDRFORLeggettA greenhouse study evaluating the effects future climate conditions will pose on industrial hemp
Cothron, CalebMSFORWhitehill
Cubas, AnaDRFORParajuli
Dahal, BiniDRFORForrester
Davis, DeborahMRFORRoiseReassessing an established Forest Management Plan after a change in ownership and goals
Devihalli, AdarshaDRFORWhitehillInvestigating the interaction mechanisms Phytophthora root rot in Fraser fir
Deviney, CourtneyDRFORParajuli
Dhaliwal, AmandeepMSFORRathbun
Dhungel, GauravDRFORBakerExpanding Subregional Timber Supply Model (SRTS) to hardwood growing region in the US.
Fallahi, MahdisDRFORNelsonRegional synthesis of threats to forest carbon and water cycling across the US Southeast
Fuller, MadisenDRFORGower, BakerCarbon sequestration, carbon storage, or timber production? Modeling joint production possibilities for southern U.S. forests
Furgurson, JillDRFORDelborneInclusive and responsible governance of environmental biotechnologies, such as the genetically engineered (GE) American chestnut tree.
Gade, SaiDRFORWhitehill, WangInteractions between Fraser fir and Elongate hemlock scale
Ganjam, ManaswiniDRFORGower, BakerCarbon sequestration modeling for contrasting forest ecosystems in the United States
Gay, EllyDRFORMartinKAssessing forest benefits on water quantity and quality in a developing watershed in the Southern United States
Gonzalez, LaurenDRFORJettonImpacts of silvicultural techniques on hemlock restoration and mangagement of the hemlock woolly adelgid
Gossman, ShelleyMSFORForrester
Guner, PinarDRFORIsik
Hatling, ThomasMSFORForresterEffects of fire regime intensity and planting density on even aged longleaf pine growth with future simulations of economic and ecological management plans
Heine, AustinDRFORMcKeandImpact of the Mass Production of Controlled Pollinated Seed in Loblolly Pine and Ways to Improve Seed Yields Using New Pollen Testing and Collection Methods
Higuita. MariaDRFORCook
Hillborn Peters, KristinDRFOROten
Ho, Thu MinhMSFORBakerGlobal phosphorus fertilizer price trends and future volatility
Howell, TravisDRFORAcosta
Jump, RomeoMSFORHodgeAssessing methods for pollen quality testing in Eucalyptus
Kressuk, JonathanDRFOROtenExploring lingering green ash dynamics in a post-emerald ash borer infested site
Lamica, AustinDRFORParajuliBilateral interstate trade shifts in softwood pulpwood and sawlogs in the US Southeast
Laughlin. MariaMRFORRoise
Ledbetter, DariusMSFORLeggett
Levin, BenjaminMRFORRoise
Lin, Yu-MingDRFORIsikCorrespondence between a low-density targeted genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) and high-density SNP marker panels in Pinus taeda
Lipscomb, C. BurkeMSFORCubbageImplementation of Tree Planting and Forest Carbon Policies for Climate Change Mitigation in the U.S.
Loftis, WilliamMRFORJetton
Manner, RichardMSFORBaker
Manz, DominicDRFORJettonEffects of UV light on the resistance and resilience of eastern and Carolina hemlock against hemlock woolly adelgid
Marques, BarbaraDRFORWangCRISPR-based genome editing in Christmas trees
Mateos, SusanaDRFORKatti
McCarthy, KevinMSFORForresterSpatial variation in belowground carbon dynamics resulting from experimental canopy gaps
McElvenny, AnnieMSFORKern
Meeks, AprilDRFORWhetten
Monti, CassioDRFORRoiseDevelopment of statistical and optimization models for the relationship among carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat indexes and timber growth
Munthali, WizasoDRFORSillsPerceptions, Uptake and Environmental Implications of Improved Cookstove Technologies in Energy Poor Communities
Niven, CaitlinDRFORErcumenAn analysis of climatic factors and E. coli presence in samples from rural Bangladesh
O’Neal, TimothyMRFORBardon
Palleti, MohanDRFORNelson
Poff, MissyMSFORMartinMImpacts of Group Selection Harvest on Upland Hardwood and White Pine Regeneration in the Catskill Mountains
Pokhrel, ShilaMSFORParajuli
Posse, JuanDRFORHodgeGenetic parameters for growth and wood quality traits in Eucalyptus dunnli
Puls, SarahMSFORBaker, CookModeling carbon in harvested wood products from loblolly plantation systems
Pyles, NoahDRFORMali
Quate, AustinMSFORIsik, McKeand
Queck, ThomasMSFORCookInvestigating the use of indaziflam on loblolly pine establishment in southeastern forestry plantations
Raigosa-Garcia, IvanDRFORCook
Razoki. MindoroMSFORHodgeAge-age correlations of the wood propertis of E. pellita and their estimate at various harvesting ages
Richardson, LoganDRFORSillsEnergy poverty and wood energy in southern Africa
Rodrigues, JimeMSFORSillsFires and policy enforcement in Brazilian Amazon
Rose, BenDRFORCook
Rudd, HaydenDRFORNicholsUsing high resolution mass spectrometry to assess groundwater vulnerability and advance water quality monitoring
Schnake, DavidDRFORForresterMid-tolerant hardwood tree species regeneration response and spatial patterning following gap-based harvest Treatments
Schunk, NathanDRFORBaker
Smith, CourtneyDRFOROten/JettonAlternative management of the Asian longhorned beetle
Snyder, TessaMSFORForrester
Sodiya, E. OlakunleDRFORBaker
Ssembatya, HenryDRFORKernInvestigating vulnerability of the Texas power grid due to extreme weather and demographic/ technology changes
Suarez, BethanyMSFORWangDNA-free genome editing in forest trees
Trachta, MarianoMSFORWalker
Vedoveto. MarianaDRFORSillsFarmers’ decisions at the extensive and intensive margins in the face of precipitation changes in the Brazilian Amazon
Webb, JacksonMSFORAguilos
Weisbecker, HarryMRFORRoise
Whitley, MargauxMSFORKing
Wofford, CaseyMSFORJetton
Wood, RachelDRFORRichmond-BryantEnvironmental and Health Impacts of a Wood Pellet Plant to the Ahoskie, NC Community
Zabala, GinaMSFORJettonProtocol to inoculate Ralstonia solanacearum in Eucalyptus Spp. to test susceptibility
Zader, PamelaMSFOROten
Zarate, SebastianDRFORDelborneThe politics of potato germplasm conservation in the Peruvian Highlands
Zeighami, AmirDRFORKernCapturing the signature of drought on electricity markets and power plant emissions