Graduate Student Research – Forestry Topics

Name Class Curr Adviser Research Project
Amindarbari, Reza DR FOR MEENTEMEYER  A non-deterministic planning framework for land use and density: land tax in place of zoning
Anderson, Steven MS FOR ARDON
Bahtiar, Adam MS FOR SILLS
Barnes, Jessica DR FOR DELBORNE Political ecology of emerging agricultural and environmental biotechnologies
Barnhill, Katie DR FOR DELBORNE Governing transgenic trees: rooting responsible innovation in environmental justice
Chirico, Dominic MR FOR ROISE
Chung, Jean DR FOR ROISE Use of Operations Research methodology to minimize wildfire risk to public safety
Dunn, Dillon MS FOR KING Physiography, silviculture, pest pressure, and genetics influence stem quality and yield of 9 year old loblolly pine
Dunn, Kenneth MR FOR BRAHAM
Durmus, Tarik MS FOR SILLS  Forest farming of shiitake mushrooms
Gaydos, Devon DR FOR MEENTEMEYER Interacting effects of forest species diversity and wildfire disturbance on an invasive plant pathogen
George, Dalton DR FOR DELBORNE
Gershman, Amy MR FOR BRAHAM Raven Rock State Park forest management plan
Goeke Dee, Kyle MR FOR ROISE
Haunsperger, Matt MS FOR ROISE Effects of prescribed burning on stream water quantity, quality, and fuel loads in a small Piedmont watershed in North Carolina
Heine, Austin MS FOR MCKEAND Impact of improved loblolly pine seedlings in the SE US since the conception of the NCSU TIP
Henderson, Jesse DR FOR ABT Forecasting the global forest sector: sensitivity to assumptions and policy implications
Heringer, Vitor MS FOR COOK  Effect of site and silvicultural intensity on varieties of loblolly pine with differing crown ideotypes
Ibarra, Luis MS FOR HODGE
James, Natasha DR FOR SILLS The impact of targeting on efficiency and equity in payment for ecosystem services programs
Jimenez, Jose DR FOR SHEAR/WHETTON Genotyping by sequencing in non-model species Dipteryx panamensis – conservation and tree improvement applications
Kanieski, Bruno DR FOR CUBBAGE International trade of forest products
Kasmarek, Addison MS FOR FORRESTER
Khan, Anam DR FOR GRAY
Lauer, Edwin DR FOR MCKEAND Elucidation of the genetic architecture for fusiform rust resistance in Loblolly pine
Martinez, Melinda DR FOR ARDON Detecting early-warning signals of forested wetland retreat along the North Carolina coast
Marzolf, Nicholas DR FOR ARDON Long term changes in streams at the La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica
Maxwell, Charles DR FOR SCHELLER Climate change on the forests of the Klamath-Siskiyous and potential management strategies
Maynor, Jessica MS FOR MCKEAND Butner Biomass Cropping Study
Meeks, April DR FOR MCKEAND Health of loblolly pine families
Morkoc, Suna MS FOR KING Soil carbon cycling in American sycamore plantations
Ozer kaya, Tugba DR FOR ABT The impact of agricultural and conservation programs on environmental quality and policy evaluation
Palleti, Mohan DR FOR NELSON
Payne, Jason DR FOR JETTON The effects of overstory competition and nutrient availability on early growth and development of underplanted backcross hybrid American chestnuts
Perreault, Lili DR FOR FORRESTER Quantifying the causal relationships between forest structure, diversity, decomposition and carbon cycling in managed northern hardwood forests
Pettersson, Martin DR FOR FRAMPTON A survey of phytophthora species in Fraser fir Christmas tree plantations in the southern Appalachians
Posse, Juan DR FOR HODGE Genetic parameters for growth and wood quality traits in Eucalyptus dunnli
Salas, Martha MS FOR HODGE Clonal variation of wood chemical traits of Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus urugrandis in Colombia
Sanchez, Georgina DR FOR MEENTEMEYER Urban growth and climate change impacts on future provision of freshwater resources across the US southeastern Atlantic coast
Scolforo, Henrique DR FOR ROISE Development of hybrid models to express growth and yield for clones of Eucalyptus subjected to different environmental and management conditions in Brazil
Shalizi, Nasir DR FOR ISIK Genetic parameter estimates and GXE interaction from a large cloned loblolly pine population
Simpson, Kenan MS FOR BLANK Building resilience: North Carolina’s society and forests from a systems perspective
Smart, Lindsey DR FOR SMITH Rising seas and the changing coastal landscape: a socio-ecological systems approach to explore impacts of adaptation strategies on provisioning ecosystem services and biodiversity
Stillwagon, Matthew DR FOR ARDON-SAYAO The effects of saltwater intrusion on nutrient cycling in North Carolina coastal wetlands
Thomas, Austin DR FOR JETTON
Thompson, Andrea MS FOR BLANK Solidago spithamaea: a population census and description of vegetative diagnostics for taxonomic identification
Walker, Trevor DR FOR ISIK  Loblolly pine quantitative genetics
Whittier, Andy MS FOR HODGE Nutrient interactions and drought tolerance levels in teak (Tectona grandis)
Williams, John MS FOR ROISE  Developing a new wildland fire shelter
Williamson, James MS FOR KING Rooting dynamics and biomass partitioning in an experimental loblolly pine/switchgrass intercropped plantation in eastern NC
Wood, Alexa DR FOR RIVERS Understanding how climate change affects risk perception among subsistence farmers in Western Africa
Zelaya, Ariel MS FOR COOK Response of Pinus, Eucalyptus and Gmelina to calcium fertilization
Zhang, Zhen Zhen DR FOR MARTIN