Graduate Student Research – Forestry Topics

Name Class Curr Adviser Research Project
Amindarbari, Reza DR FOR MEENTEMEYER A non-deterministic planning framework for land use and density: land tax in place of zoning
Barnes, Thomas MS FOR LEGGETT
Benz, Brandy MS FOR FORRESTER Response of ground-layer vegetation to oak regenration management techniques in southern Appalachian forests
Bohannon, Ryan MS FOR NICHOLS
Brodie, James MS FOR BLANK
Braun, William MR FOR MEGALOS Converting old use agricultural plots into Christmas tree farms
Caisley, Lena MS FOR COOK Impact of calcium fertilizer on the growth and sem sinuousity of Pinus taeda and PH of organic soil
Carrell, Ana MS FOR RIVERS Implications of urbanization on flood vulnerability in Walnut Creek watershed: a land use/land use change study
Caslin, Michael DR FOR KATTI Assessing the damage and resilience of Swietenia macrophylla and Talipariti elatum in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
Chizmar, Stephanie DR FOR PARAJULI An assessment of forest incentive programs of the U.S. South
Cohrs, Christopher DR FOR COOK Optimizing productivity for intensive pine plantation management through forest soil classification and geospatial data science
Cooper, Tyrik MS FOR LEGGETT A greenhouse study evaluating fiber quality and production of industrial hemp in loblolly pine soil
Davis, Deborah MR FOR ROISE
Dick, David MS FOR LEGGETT Forest floor manipulation effects on mid-rotation soil quality metrics in a U.S. coastal plain loblolly pine plantation
Dobson, Doug MS FOR MCKEAND Effects of genetic homogeneity on stand uniformity with intensive silvicultural regines on loblolly pine
George, Dalton DR FOR DELBORNE Applying inclusive approaches to biotechnology governance: Opportunities, challenges, and methodologies
Gerstle, Christopher DR FOR SCHELLER Mechanistic modeling of oak regeneration
Hackman, Jacob DR FOR COOK The influence of phosphorus on microbial communities in southeastern loblolly pine stands
Hausle, Jacqueline MS FOR FORRESTER
Heine, Austin DR FOR MCKEAND Impact of improved loblolly pine seedlings in the SE US since the conception of the NCSU TIP
Hooke, Michelle MS FOR LEGGETT
Hovis, Meredith DR FOR CUBBAGE Exploring the role of community forests as an innovative approach for rural livelihoods in the U.S.
Ibarra, Luis DR FOR HODGE, ACOSTA Quantitative genetics of hybrid populations of Eucalyptus and Pinus: Genetic parameters and implications for breeding strategies
Ile, Omoyemeh DR FOR KING
Jackson, Colin DR FOR ISIK/ACOSTA Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery in tropical and subtropical pine species
Kaya, Elise DR FOR ABT The impact of agricultural and conservation programs on environmental quality and policy evaluation
Lauer, Edwin DR FOR MCKEAND Elucidation of the genetic architecture for fusiform rust resistance in Loblolly pine
Lin, Yu-Ming DR FOR ISIK
Manz, Dominic DR FOR JETTON Effects of UV light on the resistance and resilience of eastern and Carolina hemlock against hemlock woolly adelgid
Marques, Barbara DR FOR WANG CRISPR-based genome editing in Christmas trees
Martinez, Melinda DR FOR ARDON Detecting early-warning signals of forested wetland retreat along the North Carolina coast
Martins, Gustavo DR FOR HODGE Understanding the quantitative genetic variation of economically important traits of the species Acacia crassicarpa
Marzolf, Nicholas DR FOR ARDON Long term changes in streams at the La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica
Massey, Cameron MS FOR PARAJULI
Memis, Ugur MS FOR PAYN Genetic parameter estimates from row/column experimental designs in loblolly pine
Monti, Cassio DR FOR ROISE Development of statistical and optimization models for the relationship among carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat indexes and timber growth
Morton, Kelsey MS FOR ARDON
Munthali, Wiza DR FOR SILLS Evaluating household cooking technologies in Lusaka, Zambia
Neville, Justine DR FOR EMANUEL A multi-sensor approach to assessing vulnerability of freshwater-dependent coastal landscapes to saltwater intrusion
Palleti, Mohan DR FOR NELSON
Pandey, Piyush DR FOR PAYN High throughput phenotyping of loblolly pine using hyperspectral imaging
Payne, Jason DR FOR JETTON The effects of overstory competition and nutrient availability on early growth and development of underplanted backcross hybrid American chestnuts
Pelletier, Flavie DR FOR Rathbun
Peters, Kristin MS FOR BARDON An educational needs assessment for non-industrial private forest landowners in North Carolina
Phillips, Casey DR FOR ROISE Integrating wildlife habitat conditions into an optimized forest management strategy on North Carolina’s game lands
Posse, Juan DR FOR HODGE Genetic parameters for growth and wood quality traits in Eucalyptus dunnli
Queck, Thomas MS FOR COOK Investigating the use of indaziflam on loblolly pine establishment in southeastern forestry plantations
Richardson, Logan DR FOR SILLS Energy poverty and wood energy in southern Africa
Robbins, Zachary DR FOR SCHELLER Modeling insect disturbances across the southern Appalachians
Satiroglu, Sinem MS FOR PAYN Prediction of genetic merit in loblolly pine using spatial and multivariate models
Schnake, David DR FOR FORRESTER Mid-tolerant hardwood tree species regeneration response and spatial patterning following gap-based harvest Treatments
Schrum, Paul DR FOR NELSON Using computational geometry for applications in natural resources and GIS
Schulte, Morgan DR FOR FORRESTER
Setzer, Trevor MS FOR ABT International trade effects on domestic forest product markets
Shalizi, Nasir DR FOR ISIK Genetic parameter estimates and GXE interaction from a large cloned loblolly pine population
Sodiya, Olakunle MS FOR PARAJULI Wood supply assessment in North Carolina: Examining market dynamics, resource availability and sustainability
Stillwagon, Matthew DR FOR ARDON-SAYAO The effects of saltwater intrusion on nutrient cycling in North Carolina coastal wetlands
Sulis, Daniel DR FOR WANG Multigene strategic engineering of lignin biosynthesis to improve Populus trichocarpa for bioenergy and bioproducts
Terrell, Edward MR FOR ROISE
Thomas, Austin DR FOR JETTON Towards adelgid tolerant Christmas trees
Thompson, Andrea MS FOR BLANK Solidago spithamaea: a population census and description of vegetative diagnostics for taxonomic identification
Voignier, Branden MR FOR MEGALOS  
Walker, Trevor DR FOR ISIK  Loblolly pine quantitative genetics
Warren, Alexander MR FOR ROISE The next step in saving the American chestnut
Zarate, Sebastian DR FOR DELBORNE
Zeighami, Amir DR FOR KERN Capturing the signature of drought on electricity markets and power plant emissions
Zhang, Zhen Zhen DR FOR MARTIN Building urban resilience for climate adaptation using green infrastructure