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Graduate Student Research – Forestry Topics

NameClassCurrAdviserResearch Project
Akdemir, KeremDRFORKERN 
Barnes, ThomasMSFORLEGGETTFeasibility of hemp intercropped with loblolly pine
Bohannon, RyanMSFORNICHOLSAssessing emerald ash borer phenology and parasitoid establishment in North Carolina
Braun, WilliamMRFOR Converting old use agricultural plots into Christmas tree farms
Brodie, JamesMSFORBLANK 
Caisley, LenaMSFORCOOKImpact of calcium fertilizer on the growth and sem sinuousity of Pinus taeda and PH of organic soil
Cary, AustinMSFORLEGGETTThe effects of thinning in slash pine plantations
Caslin, MichaelDRFORKATTIAssessing the damage and resilience of Swietenia macrophylla and Talipariti elatum in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
Cofre, CarlosDRFORWANG 
Cohrs, ChristopherDRFORCOOKOptimizing productivity for intensive pine plantation management through forest soil classification and geospatial data science
Conner, SarahMSFORPAYNGenetic variation in Fusiform rust disease resistance among families represented in the northern breeding population of loblolly pine in the southeastern U.S
Cooper, TyrikDRFORLEGGETTA greenhouse study evaluating the effects future climate conditions will pose on industrial hemp
Crawford, NoahMRFORROISE 
Davis, DeborahMRFORROISEReassessing an established Forest Management Plan after a change in ownership and goals
Devihalli, AdarshaDRFORWHITEHILL 
Fallahi, MahdisDRFORKING 
Fuller, MadisenDRFORGOWER, ABTCarbon sequestration, carbon storage, or timber production? Modeling joint production possibilities for southern U.S. forests
Ganjam, ManaswiniDRFORGOWER, ABT 
Gaurav, DhungelDRFORBAKER 
George, DaltonDRFORDELBORNEApplying inclusive approaches to biotechnology governance: Opportunities, challenges, and methodologies
Gonzalez, LaurenDRFORJETTON 
Hackman, JacobDRFORCOOKThe influence of phosphorus on microbial communities in southeastern loblolly pine stands
Hausle, JacquelineMSFORFORRESTER 
Heine, AustinDRFORMCKEANDImpact of improved loblolly pine seedlings in the SE US since the conception of the NCSU TIP
Hooke, MichelleMSFORLEGGETT 
Hovis, MeredithDRFORCUBBAGEExploring the role of community forests as an innovative approach for rural livelihoods in the U.S.
Howell, TravisDRFORACOSTA 
Ibarra, LuisDRFORHODGE, ACOSTAQuantitative genetics of hybrid populations of Eucalyptus and Pinus: Genetic parameters and implications for breeding strategies
Ile, OmoyemehDRFORKINGEffects of above and below ground carbon cycling of American sycamore on soil health of marginal lands
Jackson, ColinDRFORISIK/ACOSTASingle nucleotide polymorphism discovery in tropical and subtropical pine species
Jessup, RachelMSFORFORRESTEREffects of different life form competition and light gradient on two rare NC Piedmont prairie plants
Jump, RomeoMSFORHODGEAssessing methods for pollen quality testing in Eucalyptus
Kerrigan, MaccoyMSFORKING 
Kressuk, JonathanDRFOROTEN 
Lamica, AustinMSFORPARAJULIBilateral interstate trade shifts in softwood pulpwood and sawlogs in the US Southeast
Lauer, EdwinDRFORMCKEANDElucidation of the genetic architecture for fusiform rust resistance in Loblolly pine
Manz, DominicDRFORJETTONEffects of UV light on the resistance and resilience of eastern and Carolina hemlock against hemlock woolly adelgid
Marques, BarbaraDRFORWANGCRISPR-based genome editing in Christmas trees
Martins, GustavoDRFORHODGEUnderstanding the quantitative genetic variation of economically important traits of the species Acacia crassicarpa
Massey, CameronMSFORPARAJULIThe economic profitability of longleaf pine trees
Memis, UgurMSFORPAYNGenetic parameter estimates from row/column experimental designs in loblolly pine
Monti, CassioDRFORROISEDevelopment of statistical and optimization models for the relationship among carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat indexes and timber growth
Morton, KelseyMSFORARDON 
Munthali, WizaDRFORSILLSEvaluating household cooking technologies in Lusaka, Zambia
Neville, JustineDRFOREMANUELA multi-sensor approach to assessing vulnerability of freshwater-dependent coastal landscapes to saltwater intrusion
Niven, CaitlinMSFORERCUMENAn analysis of climatic factors and E. coli presence in samples from rural Bangladesh
Palleti, MohanDRFORNELSON 
Pandey, PiyushDRFORPAYNHigh throughput phenotyping of loblolly pine using hyperspectral imaging
Peters, KristinDRFOROTEN 
Phillips, CaseyDRFORROISEIntegrating wildlife habitat conditions into an optimized forest management strategy on North Carolina’s game lands
Posse, JuanDRFORHODGEGenetic parameters for growth and wood quality traits in Eucalyptus dunnli
Queck, ThomasMSFORCOOKInvestigating the use of indaziflam on loblolly pine establishment in southeastern forestry plantations
Ratcliff, AbbyMSFOROTENAlternative eradication methods for Asian longhorned beetle
Richardson, LoganDRFORSILLSEnergy poverty and wood energy in southern Africa
Robbins, ZacharyDRFORSCHELLERModeling insect disturbances across the southern Appalachians 
Rojas, GerardoDRFORCOOK 
Satiroglu, SinemMSFORPAYNPrediction of genetic merit in loblolly pine using spatial and multivariate models
Schnake, DavidDRFORFORRESTERMid-tolerant hardwood tree species regeneration response and spatial patterning following gap-based harvest Treatments
Schrum, PaulDRFORNELSONUsing computational geometry for applications in natural resources and GIS
Schulte, MorganDRFORFORRESTEREffects of harvested forest gaps on carbon dynamics and oak/hickory regeneration in the Southern Appalachian Mountains
Setzer, TrevorMSFORABTInternational trade effects on domestic forest product markets
Sodiya, OlakunleDRFORBAKER 
Ssembatya, HenryDRFORKERN 
Stillwagon, MatthewDRFORARDON-SAYAOThe effects of saltwater intrusion on nutrient cycling in North Carolina coastal wetlands
Suarez, BethanyMSFORWANG 
Sulis, DanielDRFORWANGMultigene strategic engineering of lignin biosynthesis to improve Populus trichocarpa for bioenergy and bioproducts
Terrell, EdwardMRFORROISEPrescription process for the North Carolina Forest Service for private landowners
Thomas, AustinDRFORJETTONTowards adelgid tolerant Christmas trees
Tresca, JulianaMSFORNICHOLS 
Vedoveto, MarianaDRFORSILLS 
Walker, TrevorDRFORISIK Loblolly pine quantitative genetics
Zarate, SebastianDRFORDELBORNE 
Zeighami, AmirDRFORKERNCapturing the signature of drought on electricity markets and power plant emissions
Zhang, Zhen ZhenDRFORMARTINBuilding urban resilience for climate adaptation using green infrastructure