Grad student in the field

FER Seminars

The Forestry and Environmental Resources Seminars are open to anyone interested.  This weekly seminar series is part of the course for students enrolled in NR601, FOR601 and FOR801.

The public is welcome to attend.

All seminars will be in 1216 Jordan Hall on Mondays from 12:50 pm – 1:40 pm.

January 22

Hittin’ the Bricks – Stories about NC State from a 1,000 Mile Walk Across Campus

Dr. Larry Nielsen, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of CNR and Provost of NC State.

January 29

Assessing Factors Contributing to Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms in U.S. Lakes

Dr. John Iiames, Geospatial Analyst, US EPA and Adjunct Assistant Professor, FER

February 5


No Seminar.

February 12

The Future of Forest Health

Dr. Rob Scheller, Professor, Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources

February 19

Forest Products Sector Impacts of Projected Increase in Global Plantation Area

Dr. Prakash Nepal, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources

February 26

Growing Wood for Bioenergy

Dr. Solomon Ghezehei, Post-Doc, Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources

March 5   Spring Break, no seminar

March 12

A Tale of Two Waterbodies: Theories on SAV Declines and Cyanotoxin Presence in Lake Mattamuskeet and the Currituck Sound, NC

Dr. Michele Moorman, Biologist, Mattamuskeet, Swanquarter, Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, US Fish and Wildlife Service

March 19

Provisions for the protection against destruction by fire:  120 years of fire suppression in the US Forest Service

Dr. Karen Lee Abt, Research Economist Forest Service Southern Research Station

Forest Economics and Policy Research

March 26

The Evolutionary Ecology of Geographic Ranges in Western North American Monkeyflowers

Dr. Seema Sheth, Assistant Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology

April 2 

Heavy Metal and Rock: Interactions between Pollutants and Minerals

By Owen Duckworth, Associate Professor, Soil and Environmental Biogeochemistry Research Group, Department of Crop and Soil Science, NC State

April 9

3-5 minute Grad Student Flash Talks

Figs and Semal – trees of the urban jungle.  By Vallari Sheel, PhD student, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Genetic improvement of wood quality using rapid measurement tools. By Trevor Walker, PhD student, Forestry and Environmental Resources

Streams and sun in the Southern Appalachians; the roles of time, terrain, trees, and weather in stream temperature. By Laura Belica, PhD student, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Modeling hydrologic responses to irrigation at a forested municipal wastewater land treatment site. By Nancy Gibson, MS student, Natural Resources, Hydrology Technical Option

The effects of sea level rise on low-lying coastal forests and the implications for biodiversity conservation. By Paul Taillie, PhD student, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

12 Minute talk: Nantucket pine tip moth exclusion study: Stem quality and yield of 9 year old loblolly pine. By Dillon Dunn, MS student, Forestry

April 16 

Student Presentations (12 minute talks) and Grad Awards Presentation

Stormwater management, green infrastructure, and participatory modeling in historically black communities: A case study from Southeast Raleigh. By Dresden McGregor, MS student, Natural Resources, Policy and Administration Technical Option

Payment for ecosystem services: An examination of how participation has evolved with institutional changes in Costa Rica’s Payment for Ecosystem Services Program. By Natasha James, PhD student, Forestry and Environmental Resources

Forecasting urbanization and future water demands of a rapidly growing megaregion. By Georgina Sanchez, PhD student, Forestry and Environmental Resources

April 23  No Seminar

April 30  Held in 1214 Jordan – new location!

Future competences for the academic forester – the death of the all-knowing forester.

By Jonas Ronnberg, Vice Dean, Southern Swedish Forest Research Center, SLU, Alnarp, Sweden.