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Our expert faculty lead students in a hands-on education that prepares them to enter the workforce career-ready.

A Transformational Education

At NC State’s Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, we do more than educate students, we graduate leaders. Each year, undergraduates choose to study at NC State because of our outstanding faculty and our ability to deliver a practical education that combines theory and classroom instruction with hands-on fieldwork and real-world research.

From weekly trips to college-owned forest land to a nine-week summer camp at Hill Forest, the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources provides a unique educational experience for students who prefer to be outside of the classroom. If your interest is understanding and working with the natural world around us, the Department has a major that will put you on the path to a successful career.

Whether you want to manage forest land, monitor fish populations, shape environmental policy or oversee responses to environmental emergencies, you will graduate with a wealth of real-world experiences and a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of solving complex challenges.

Environmental First Year Program

Interested in exploring the interdisciplinary nature of environmental majors at NC State? This program helps students examine environmental careers and the various educational paths available to them.
Students in this innovative program explore some of the greatest challenges facing our world today such as sustainability, energy, watersheds, climate and environmental justice using an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach.

85,000 acres of premiere forest

Our students, faculty and staff use our forest lands as learning labs for hands-on research.