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Clubs and Organizations

Joining student clubs and professional organizations is a great way to get involved and pursue your passions. Browse some of the major specific student groups below and find a family of like-minded students waiting to welcome you to the group.

Clubs and  Organizations -Students on the lawn on campus - Forestry and Environmental Resources NC State University

Student Clubs and Professional Organizations

  • The CNR Ambassadors are a motivated, student-led organization that serves as a liaison between the College of Natural Resources and the community: prospective students, parents, distinguished guests, alumni and NC State University as whole. The program creates a strong sense of community within the college. They organize and participate in events throughout the university, including Shack-a-thon and Open House. For more information, please contact
  • The CNR Council serves as the unified voice of all students in the College of Natural Resources. The group is composed of representatives from all recognized student organizations in the college. The council meets monthly to discuss current issues, problems, achievements and concerns, as well as to develop ideas for better serving students. It is responsible for allocating funds each year to the college’s organizations to provide support for various activities. Contact the them at Advisor: Yvonne Lee
  • The Environmental Education Club exposes K-8 students to environmental science in an interactive and accessible way to foster interest and inspire environmental protection in the future. Members create lesson plans, teach students and participate in various outreach events. We are both a service and professional organization that helps students earn their Environmental Educator’s Certification. Advisor: Renee Strnad
  • The Environmental Student Association promotes campus environmental awareness and environmental protection. 
  • The Forestry and Environmental Resources Leadership Board creates a welcoming environment for existing students by creating events and programs to enhance and support our current students experience and provide support within the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources and College of Natural Resources. Advisor: Erin Champion
  • The Forestry Club is open to all students at NC State, not just students majoring in forest management. The club competes in several forestry competitions throughout the Southeast, including Rolleo, a competition that the club hosts every November. Competitions consist of several physical events such as standing and horizontal wood chopping, men and women’s crosscut sawing, log rolling, axe throwing and archery, as well as others. Forestry-based technical events include wood identification, dendrology, wildlife identification, and timber estimation. Practices are held twice a week. If you are interested in learning more about forestry or competing in collegiate timbersports, you are invited to join.  Connect and learn more on Facebook. Advisor: Steph Jeffries
  • The Leopold Wildlife Club is an association of students, faculty advisors and wildlife professionals that share a passion for wildlife management and conservation. As the student chapter of The Wildlife Society, we work closely with wildlife professionals at the state and regional levels. Our meetings include workshops and lectures, community service projects, bird walks, herpetology expeditions and the Southeast Region Wildlife Conclave. Active membership is open to students of all backgrounds and majors. Learn more on Facebook. Advisors: Lara Pacifici and Chris Moorman
  • Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences was chartered in 1998 and is jointly sponsored by the College of Natural Resources and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We provide students with professional development, community development and personal development opportunities and strive for the inclusion, achievement and advancement of all people in the agricultural sciences. Our activities include community service, collaborating with fellow student organizations, and holding fundraising events such as the bi-annual Fish Fry and the Muscadine Jelly Sale. Advisor: Zakiya Leggett
  • The Society of American Foresters Student Chapter is the largest professional society representing foresters and natural resource professionals. The Society of American Foresters Student Chapter has advanced research, education and connections between professionals and students for more than a century at NC State. Our cooperative activities include the spring dinner, hosted and supported by the student chapter, and representation at the Arbor Day celebration at the Raleigh Farmers Market. The student chapter organizes two major trips for students, including the Society of American Foresters National Convention and the regional Appalachian Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting. Advisors: Robert Jetton and Gary Blank
  • The Student Association for Fire Ecology is a university chapter of the Association for Fire Ecology, an international organization dedicated to improving the knowledge and use of fire in land management, helping to shape the emerging profession and growing the field of fire ecology. The NC State chapter is focused on activities that continue student education and professional advancement in wildland fire ecology. We work with our fire partners in the North Carolina Forest Service, North Carolina Parks and Recreation and The Nature Conservancy to conduct collaborative training that allows students to participate in prescribed fire crews on NC State’s experimental forests and partner lands. Learn more at @ncstatesafe on Instagram or on Facebook. Advisors: Jenn Fawcett, Elliot Nauert and Bob Mickler
  • The Student Fisheries Society is a student-specific chapter of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. We encourage the exchange of fisheries and aquatic science information among students, faculty and regional professionals and provide career guidance to students.
  • Xi Sigma Pi is the National Forestry Honor Society, which aims to recognize and promote academic excellence in forestry and related disciplines. Membership is by invitation and includes various majors in natural resources. Advisors: Robert Jetton and Gary Blank

Campus-wide Opportunities

For more information about other extracurricular aspects of student life at NC State, check out the Student Organization Resource Center. The center provides information on more than 300 other student organizations. State and national organizations associated with specific environmental interest areas can also provide additional academic, career and social opportunities.