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FER Leadership Board

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources (FER) selects students from the department to serve as Leadership Board members each year. The Leadership Board creates a welcoming environment for existing students by creating events and programs to enhance and support our current students experience and provide support within FER and College of Natural Resources. All board members demonstrate great leadership and communications skills, NC State pride and academic achievement across a diversity of majors.  

If you are interested in applying to become a FER Leadership board member, email Erin Champion at  The application cycle typically begins in February of each year.

Meet your 2021-2022 FER Leadership Board Members:


Pronouns: she/her, Email:

Major: Forest Management and Ecology, Minor/Focal Area: Biological Sciences & Plant Biology

I study at NC State because: the College of Natural Resources has one of the best Forest Management programs in the nation. When transferring from Alamance Community College, the CNR Forest Management program was the only program I was interested in after I attended an information session about the CNR conducted by Tiffany McLean. I loved that the college added an ecology concentration to the Forest Management degree because it was the perfect fit for me! The CNR is such a welcoming community and the administration and advisors are beyond helpful in every aspect. Since being at NC State, I have loved every course I have taken and know that I will be well prepared for any career in Forestry that I take on.


Pronouns: she/her, Email:

Major: Environmental Sciences, Minor/Focal Area: Applied Ecology

I study at NC State because: ​while NC State provides the great resources and opportunities of a larger university, I was also able to find a tight-knit community in the College of Natural Resources. The smaller circle of students and faculty that make up CNR are always willing to help me. Studying environmental sciences at this school gives me the opportunity to study many areas of the field and find what I am passionate about. Additionally, the emphasis that the university puts on sustainability is important to me and provides further opportunities that relate to my major. NC State truly has everything I need to grow academically, professionally, and personally.


Pronouns: he/him,

Major: Fisheries and Wildlife, Conservation Biology, Minor/Focal Area: Zoology

I study at NC State because: ​ I love the outdoors and want to ensure they remain enjoyable for generations to come. Through CNR I can learn the science and practices to be better able to manage and use natural resources responsibly. CNR has so many ways to get involved, build connections with peers, and make a difference in the world. I encourage everyone to find a club or activity they like, and do it!

John Mark

Pronouns: he/him, Email:

Major: Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, Minor/Focal Area: Zoology

I study at NC State because: of the opportunities that were offered. Because there are so many, I was able to find my place within the College of Natural Resources once I realized what I wanted to study. The close-knit feel of the CNR community combined with being at a large university provides a unique and meaningful college experience. The variety of classes and field experiences are able to help you determine what you are interested in and want to pursue. In addition to my perspective, NC State’s environmental programs are some of the best in the country. Without a doubt, I know that State was the perfect choice.



Pronouns: she/her, Email:

Major: Environmental Sciences, Minor/Focal Area: N/A

I study at NC State because: NC State has so many opportunities. I knew by going to NCSU that I would be exposed to many hands-on opportunities that will allow me to grow personally and professionally; all while challenging me academically. Everyone was so welcoming and kind to me, I knew I found where I belong in CNR.


Pronouns: she/her,

Major: Environmental Sciences, Minor/Focal Area: GIS Technology

I study at NC State because: I really like the Environmental Sciences program and the flexibility it offers with the focal area portion of the degree. While it can be overwhelming that NC State is such a big school, the small community of CNR makes it feel much more welcoming. As someone who grew up in a small town, it was important for me to choose a college in a place with more opportunities, which NC State and the Raleigh area definitely offers.




Pronouns: she/her, Email:

Major: Environmental Sciences, Minor/Focal Area: Environmental Restoration

I study at NC State because: I fell in love with all the small communities within such a big school! There is something here for everyone so I knew I would find an amazing community that makes me feel at home. I also enjoy the abundance of opportunities NCSU has to offer in all areas of college life. The environmental science program here is very flexible which is perfect for me as I did not know what area I was interested in when starting out college and it allowed me to explore what career I want to pursue in the long run.


Pronouns: she/her, Email:

Major: Environmental Sciences, Minor/Focal Area:  Sustainability in Business & Development.

I study at NC State because: the vast opportunities at NC State that prepare you for life after college. NC State’s environmental science program lets you explore different areas of study to make sure you find the perfect fit. Along the way, you also make connections and build a community with your peers. Another thing I love about NC State is its continuous strive towards a more sustainable and green campus.