FER Leadership Board

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources (FER) selects students from the department to serve as Leadership Board members each year. The Leadership Board creates a welcoming environment for existing students by creating events and programs to enhance and support our current students experience and provide support within FER and College of Natural Resources. All board members demonstrate great leadership and communications skills, NC State pride and academic achievement across a diversity of majors.  

If you are interested in applying to become a FER Leadership board member, email Erin Champion at eachampi@ncsu.edu.  The application cycle typically begins in February of each year.

Meet your 2019-2020 FER Leadership Board Members:

Emma Claire

Major: Environmental Sciences

I study at NC State because: I thought that the environmental sciences program had many diverse opportunities to offer. I enjoyed the idea of having the freedom to pick my own focal area, giving me the ability to choose precisely what I specialize in. Additionally, I knew that the environmental sciences program at NC State was a good one and I liked that it was located in a smaller college. Due to the College of Natural Resources being small in size, I knew that I would be able to work more personally with faculty. Further, I knew that NC State cared and cares about being sustainable, which is very important to me. Lastly, I love the atmosphere at the university. I know that I will always feel at home at NC State.


Major: Environmental Sciences

I study at NC State because: NC State’s Environmental Science program seemed like the “perfect” fit for me. The program gives me the opportunity not only to have a thorough understanding of everything that encompasses environmental science, but also to explore focal areas that can specialize my degree based on what I am most interested in and passionate about. NC State’s location also impacted my decision to study here. Being so close to the city of Raleigh, I am able to choose internships and other external experiences to gain knowledge and experience in my field of environmental science.


Major: Environmental Sciences  with a Focal Area in Plant Biology

I study at NC State because: ​it had remained as my number one school of choice throughout high school and I fell in love with the beautiful campus during my tour.  I was also persuaded to attend NC State because it has one of the top environmental programs in the country.




Major: Environmental Sciences

I study at NC State because: ​as soon as I stepped on campus for my tour, I felt more comfortable than I had at the 12 other schools I visited.  I came here because of the community aspect, as well as it being one of the top schools in the country for studying natural resources.  I loved the idea of being in a small college on such a large university campus as well, and I still love that feeling.



Major: Environmental Sciences with a Focal Area in Marine Biology

I study at NC State because: The environmental science program allows me to have the freedom to explore multiple areas of focus. The program also gives me the flexibility to design my own focal area if I would like to, rather than choose one already created. I also chose NC State because it is a very environmentally conscious school. NC State stood out to me in that aspect and of the schools I toured, NC State had the best environmental science program.



Major: Environmental Sciences with a Focal Area in Sustainability

I study at NC State because: NCSU is a university centered around S.T.E.M really appealed to me. Science has always been my passion and a focal point in my life, and to attend a school that focuses on science, is a dream come true. The outstanding College of Natural Resources also helped me decide NCSU was where I belonged. Since I knew when searching for the right college that I wanted to major in Environmental Sciences, attending a university that is known for their Natural Resource was important to me.



Major:Environmental Technology and Management

I study at NC State because: I have much to learn from the knowledge, experiences, and people that are a part of its community and I would like some extra time to learn and grow before working. I have been gaining a rich understanding of current environmental issues so I can address them throughout my career.  I think the NCSU community and opportunities within have the most value because connections persist and experiences provide a taste of working life.  I have much to give and want to do so effectively. As a big-picture thinker and idealist, it is hard to identify how to go about enacting positive change in the real world. Luckily, NC State has excellent resources, mentors, student orgs and the like which provide a starting point. I know I don’t have to fight through this confusion alone.  If you’re interested in speaking to me, reach out to: srgrego3@ncsu.edu. Best of luck in all your endeavors!


Major:Environmental Sciences and Plant Biology

I study at NC State because: I knew I wanted to do something with science but didn’t know what right away. NC State has so many great programs I knew I would be in good hands with whatever I did. During my freshman year, I found the College of Natural Resources and knew it was where I belonged! I chose Environmental Science because the classes seemed interesting and I loved the flexibility the focal area allows.



Major: Environmental Sciences with a Focal Area in Zoology

I study at NC State because:I love the campus’s location and layout. There are not too many lecture classes. The small sized classes and flexibility in choosing them is great. Being an Environmental Science major also allows me to pick a focal area and explore a specific portion of the field in depth. This suits me well for my future. Lastly, even though this is such a large university, I have no feelings of being overwhelmed. You are given the freedom to be your own individual and I feel everyone finds their niches.



Major: Environmental Sciences

I study at NC State because: I fell in love with all the small communities within such a big school! There is something here for everyone so I knew I would find an amazing community that makes me feel at home. I also enjoy the abundance of opportunities NCSU has to offer in all areas of college life. The environmental science program here is very flexible which is perfect for me as I did not know what area I was interested in when starting out college and it allowed me to explore what career I want to pursue in the long run.