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Graduate Programs

Hands-On and Future Focused

Graduate programs in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources emphasize hands-on original research with world-renowned faculty on groundbreaking projects. Our department offers both master’s and doctoral degree tracks in specific areas of Forestry, Natural Resources, Environmental Assessment, and Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology through NC State’s Graduate School. Some programs require a formal thesis, while others accept a professional project and presentation in lieu of one.

Students with backgrounds in the biological, physical and social sciences can be admitted directly into our graduate program. However, many entering graduate students do not have a forestry or natural resources background. Necessary background courses needed in science, mathematics and specialty areas can be completed before starting a graduate degree or as part of the graduate student program.

Once admitted, graduate students will enroll in courses listed on the Student Services Course Catalog. All of our graduate courses are designated as 500-level or higher. It is common for students pursuing graduate degrees to follow a study program that includes courses in a variety of areas, such as economics, genetics, soil science, statistics and zoology.

Graduate Certificates

We offer two graduate certificates for professionals who want to further their educations. Learn more about our programs: