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Our Department accelerates traditional sciences and advanced research that informs the future of natural resources management and propels industry forward.

On the Frontline of Emerging Issues

As the world and the way humans interact with the environment changes, so does the need for scientific knowledge that keeps our forest, watershed, and wildlife productive and thriving.

From our historical strengths in forestry, tree breeding and genetics, economics, and silviculture, the department has diversified its research portfolio to cover social sciences, geospatial sciences, biotechnology, land-use change, wildlife management and conservation, and environmental protection.

Our faculty conduct research encompassing a range of disciplines from the basic to the applied to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems using traditional and new extension and engagement approaches. Department faculty are leaders in creating new strategies and partnerships that generate funding and applied research results that drive industries forward.

Driving Industries Forward

The department has a strong national and international reputation in production forestry based on the work of its industrial research and technology transfer cooperatives that have been operating for decades. Cooperative members contribute dues to support the research, help to set the research agenda, and use the research findings to promote profitability and sustainability of forest ownership.

We are also increasing our effective technology transfer and science communication with the public, decision-makers and policy developers through continued interdisciplinary and multi-investigator, multi-institutional research and education programs implemented across our college, our university and beyond.

Our partnerships and cutting-edge research into a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary issues ranging from environmental science and technology to public science and more, not only lead to new breakthroughs in industry practices, they serve as a valuable training ground for students interested in working on the frontline of their chosen fields.