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Never has interest in environmental issues been more important to our future. The Environmental Sciences program provides opportunities for students to rigorously explore complex, interdisciplinary environmental issues by combining courses from a number of NC State colleges to create a thorough interdisciplinary grounding. All degree options encourage students to pursue original research and gain field experience tackling real-world challenges — leaving them well prepared to take advantage of career opportunities once they graduate.

Some graduates find jobs in the environmental industry, including careers as environmental consultants, working in large corporations, or starting their own businesses. Others find careers working in federal, state, and local agencies with environmental mandates. Still others continue their educations in professional and graduate schools.

Student Spotlight

Want to learn more about our students?  This month, Environmental Sciences highlights student, Mary Summers Rogers.

Why study Environmental Sciences?

  • Link energy, sustainability and the environment
  • Understand human impacts on the environment
  • Explore interdisciplinary, environmental curriculum
  • Comprehend environmental systems and earth processes
  • Connect sound scientific understanding to environmental policies
  • Recognize economic and socio-political ramifications on the environment

An Invitation to Visit

es student in the fieldThe Environmental Sciences (ES) Office serves as an information clearinghouse for environmental activities at NC State, in North Carolina, and beyond. We coordinate activities for students and faculty members active in undergraduate ES academic programs, studies, or projects.

Our services include:

  • Advising prospective and current students
  • Coordinating interdisciplinary courses
  • Scheduling meetings and activities for faculty members and students
  • Linking students to projects and research opportunities
  • Providing a home for the ES Students
  • Linking ES programs to the Campus Environmental Sustainability Team
  • Promoting student participation in international programs

Want to find out more about our program and what we do? Visit the ES Office at 2229 Jordan Hall on NC State’s Main Campus in Raleigh, NC. We’d love to see you in person and answer any questions you might have about how NC State can help you pursue your interests in environmental sciences and natural resources.

To schedule a visit, call (919)513-2520 or email our office.

Office Staff

Dr. William E. Winner


Director, ES Academic Program, and Professor, Department of Forestry and Environmental Sciences

Gregory Wilson


Advisor, ES Academic Program:

Erin Champion


Coordinator, ES Academic Program: