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Sankar Arumugam


Forecasting Landscape and Environmental Change, Hydroclimatology and Water Management

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering


Sankar uses geospatial information and analytics to develop multi time-scale streamflow forecasts and projections using climate information. He also develops dynamic spatio-temporal models to understand how natural and human systems influence water cycles, particularly moisture and energy transport, at regional and continental scales. His primary research interests lie at the interface of hydroclimatology and water management focusing on how to use probabilistic climate information for improving decision making in water and energy sectors. His research also focuses on large-scale nexus issues such as food-energy-water, climate-water-ecology and climate-water-energy through synthesis and modeling of large-scale geospatial data and socio-economic information.

Sankar Arumugam
Sankar leads the Climate, Hydrology and Water Resources Modeling and Synthesis Group at NC State, interested in understanding, modeling and forecasting hydrological fluxes at large spatial scales.


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