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Information for International Students and Scholars

We welcome you here at NC State

General Information

If your university has an exchange agreement with NC State University and you would like to study in the College of Natural Resources as an exchange student, please follow this link to the Study Abroad Office for more information.

Visiting Scholar Information

If you are planning an internship or short-term research visit to our college, you will be a “visiting scholar.”  Start planning your visit by reading this guide.

Most “visiting scholars” obtain a J-1 Visa.  To obtain a visa, you will need to work with the professor or program who invited you to the college.  They will need to request the visa for you. A full checklist of items required for the visa are listed here.

Steps you can take include:

  • Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your arrival in the US.
  • Verify whether you have insurance that meets the requirements described here.
  • Fill out the DS-2019 form at the end of the guide, and send that form, along with your CV and a copy of your passport profile page, to your sponsor in the College of Natural Resources.

Confirm with your sponsor whether they will help you or you need to make arrangements for:

  • Housing and local transportation
  • Transportation from airport to housing upon arrival
    • Transportation options include:
      • Taxi (Estimated cost ~$25)
      • Lyft or Uber (Requires login for respective App)
  • Scheduling a meeting with the Office of International Students within a week of your arrival



Off Campus

It is highly recommended for those that wish to live off campus to live near the Wolfline route and within walking distance of a grocery store.

Some recommendations include:

If you will be coming to NC with your family, your children will be eligible to attend the public school that serves the area where you live.  See:

Local Transportation

NCSU has its own public bus route, the Wolfline, which provides frequent, free, and reliable transportation around campus and the surrounding area. This would be the most convenient way to get around during your time here.

The City of Raleigh and the triangle areas have their bus routes as well, but do require fees to use. More information about these routes, fees, and schedules available at:

Ride sharing services and apps that can provide transportation (but can be expensive):

Information about the area

Information about NC State domestic and international rankings

Office of International Services resources

International student organizations on campus