Digital Signs (Billboard) and Calendar Events


The College of Natural Resources uses digital signs throughout our buildings and on online events calendar to share information. The events calendar can be found on the college’s website under News and Events. There are four digital signs in the college that display recent news, events and other items of interest. They are located in the following places:

  • Robertson Lobby
  • Biltmore Lobby
  • Jordan 1 Lobby
  • Jordan 2 Lobby

Digital Signs (Billboard)

Billboard is a delivery system for displaying digital slides  on a digital sign or screen saver.  A joint effort of WolfTech and OIT, Billboard is used as the central management system for displaying signage on computer kiosks and web-enabled digital signs across campus.

The digital billboard system is managed by the Marketing and Communications and you can access a submission form for digital slides on the Communication Request page.

Please allow at least two business days for processing. For questions, email:

Calendar Events

The college has a number of editors who have been trained to post events on the college and department event calendar. If you are not an editor and need assistance in getting an event listed on the event calendar, you can contact these individuals to help you get your event listed:

Forestry and Environmental Resources
Erin Champion
Susan Slover (graduate related events)

Forest Biomaterials
Jennifer Piercy
Barbara White

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Cara Lewis

Office of Academic Affairs
Patti Najaran

Center for Geospatial Analytics
John Vogler

Marketing and Communications Office
Sarah Corica


To add the College Events Calendar to your Google calendar, please follow these directions.