Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you process a new hire action?

(see: Submitting HR Actions)

2. What steps are needed to have a new hire complete an I-9?

           Please contact the CNR Human Resources office in order to schedule an appointment for student hires.          All other hires should contact the Onboarding Center to schedule an appointment.  This must be done no          later than three (3) days after the hire date. Note- Section 1 of the I-9 must be completed on or before the        first day work.

3. What is the performance appraisal plan year?

April 1 – March 31 is the cycle period for SHRA positions

4. What types of positions must be posted and when is the background check


Non student positions lasting longer than three days (excluding post docs) must be posted. Students must       be enrolled at least half time at NCSU. Generally, background checks are required for non             student positions, transfers, or anyone performing duties that require a background check.

5. How often should supervisors approve hours for nonexempt and temporary employees in WolfTime?

Ideally supervisors should approve time on a weekly basis in order to avoid delays in payments. In addition, supervisors of leave earning employees, should approve leave requests on a weekly basis as well.