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FWCB students named 2020 Hollings Scholars

Anna Poston

Two Forestry and Environmental Resources students were recently selected for the NOAA Hollings Scholarship Program. This scholarship offers academic assistance of up to $9,500 a year for students to participate in a 2 year-long research experience. This program and also provides an opportunity for students to participate in a 10-week paid internship at a NOAA facility.  Each year approximately 120 students nationwide receive this scholarship.

Here’s some additional information about our students:

Anna Poston:

Anna is a Sophomore in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology from Currituck, North Carolina. For years she has been cultivating relevant skills and experiences in pursuit of a career in marine conservation. Moving forward, she is pursuing a career in research, focusing on the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Kirsten Keleher

Kirsten Keleher:

Kirsten is also a sophomore in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. She is concentrating in Conservation Biology and minoring in Entomology. Kirsten is exceptionally passionate about the environment, research, photography, reading, and journalism. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to enroll in a PhD program focusing on entomology or genetics. Eventually, she wants to become a government worker for an environmental organization.

Later this month, Anna and Kirsten will virtually attend a three-day NOAA Orientation Program. During this time, they will meet other students and professionals involved in the program. In the summer of 2021, Anna and Kirsten will complete an internship based on their research interests. The portion of this program Anna and Kirsten are both the most excited about is this research experience.

Congratulations to Anna and Kirsten for being chosen for this phenomenal opportunity!

Written by: Leslie Smith