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Ashly Cabas

Assistant Professor

Mapping a Dynamic Planet, Earthquakes and Seismic Hazards

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Fitts-Woolard Hall 3175


Ashly uses geospatial analytics to characterize earthquake ground motions and the effects of the spatial variability of sedimentary deposits on the intensity of ground shaking and deformation. More specifically, her research team at NC State develops predictive models of liquefaction-induced large ground deformations (i.e., lateral spreading) that incorporate relevant large-scale geomorphological controls, and conducts regional seismic hazard assessments that capture systematic contributions from known geologic structures. Other interests include the spatial variability of the effects of local soil conditions on ground shaking at large-scales, and geostatistical modeling of ground motion data to probabilistically characterize seismic hazards that account for site-specific information when available.

Ashly Cabas and her students discuss a computer model
Ashly and her graduate students evaluate the patterns in earthquake-induced ground deformation near the Avon river in New Zealand after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake to inform the incorporation of geomorphic features into the next generation of lateral spreading predictive models.


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