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Jennifer Richmond-Bryant

Associate Professor of the Practice

Engaging Communities with Participatory Modeling, Human Exposure to Air Pollution

Forestry and Environmental Resources

Jordan Hall Addition 2221


Jen uses geospatial analytics to study human exposure to ambient air pollution and works on environmental issues that have disproportionate impacts on marginalized communities. She develops modeling approaches to characterize the movement of air pollution in the built environment, how physical characteristics of the environment may act to modify human exposure, and how additional personal and neighborhood characteristics may interact with exposures to modify health impacts. Other interests include studying if access to data may empower communities to advocate for improved environmental conditions.

Jen Richmond-Bryant and student conducting field work
Jen leads research (including field data collection) to better understand human exposure to pollutants across space and time. Here, she and student Arunabh Saikia hang a passive ammonia gas sampler to study phytoremediation of ambient ammonia from hog waste lagoons.


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