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Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Minor

Students in the field in the outer banks -Human Dimensions Minor - Parks Recreation and Tourism Deparment at NC State

The Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Graduate Minor provides master’s and doctoral students at NC State with the skills of using social science to solve natural resource management issues, build partnerships and communicate research with the public.

Master’s students who pursue this minor must complete a total of nine credit hours, while doctoral students must complete a total of 12 credit hours. Six credit hours are earned in required courses, with three or six additional credits earned from choosing among a wide range of electives. A student must earn a grade of B or higher in each of the required courses to complete the minor.

Review the list of required courses and suggested electives for the Human Dimensions Minor. (Note: This minor is not available to graduate students pursuing an Option B master’s degree.)

Application Process

  • To be considered for this program, you will need to submit an application to the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism for approval.
  • If accepted, the department’s Director of Graduate Programs will add an approved faculty member to your graduate committee.
  • Once your application has been accepted, you will need to indicate the appropriate minor on your official work plan before signing up for courses.

Got questions?
Contact Anju Singh, graduate program assistant, or Lincoln Larson, associate professor.

Human Dimensions Faculty

Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
Lincoln Larson, PRTM Lead
Jason Bocarro, Bethany Cutts, Myron Floyd, Aaron Hipp, Yu-Fai Leung
Rasul Mowatt, Erin Seekamp, Kathryn Stevenson and Jelena Vukomanovic

Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology – Forest & Environmental Resources
Nils Peterson, FER Lead
Caren Cooper, Fred Cubbage, Jason Delborne, George Hess
Madhusudan Katti, Chris Moorman, Stacy Nelson, Rajan Parajuli
Jennifer Richmond-Bryant and Erin Sills