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Environmental Science and Technology

water research - Environmental Science and Technology - Forestry and Environmental Resources Spotlight: William Casola - Forestry and Environmental Resources NC State University

Bridging the Gap Across Disciplines

As the need for understanding issues such as mitigating and adapting to climate change, advancing sustainability and predicting outcomes of environmental policies continues to increase, so does the need for environmental research experts across industries. Our Environmental Science and Environmental Technology and Management programs support a diverse portfolio of research that addresses the economic, social, political and environmental impact of human interactions with the environment.

Our department has a history of helping not only students, but the general public, understand how human dimensions affect the natural dynamics for energy, water and land systems, including soils and forests, renewable energy and climate change. Our faculty have established expertise in research around water availability, water quality and hydrological modeling. Their passionate interest to advance applied science and technology interfaces with interdisciplinary, system-level thinking and modeling is driving research around the interrelated nature of environmental issues, including basic earth system processes, the human impact on the environment and how social sciences connect to environmental policy.

Meet Our Environmental Science and Technology Faculty

Interested in Environmental Science and Technology research? Contact our faculty to learn more and get involved.