Unmanned Aerial Systems

At the Center for Geospatial Analytics, we innovate the use of drones and drone-acquired data to address challenges in a variety of sectors, uniting expertise across disciplines. We are an active hub for

  • Research using UAS data for terrain analysis
  • Education about UAS operations and analytics through courses and workshops
  • Technical support for UAS mission planning, imagery processing and analytics

We are also building a campus-wide community of practitioners, scholars and educators from across NC State University to share knowledge about and from UAS. Keep scrolling to learn about our programs, including our popular UAS Operations and Analytics workshop.

Justyna Jeziorska interacts with UAS data on a touchscreen

UAS Research

Data collection methods using Unmanned Aerial Systems are rapidly expanding possibilities for terrain analysis. We develop and apply the latest techniques to improve spatial understanding.

diagram of project workflow

UAS Roadmap: Supporting North Carolina Department of Transportation

NCDOT uses a Wetland Predictive Modeling tool to help identify the location and extent of wetlands along potential road corridors. In collaboration with department staff, we are exploring possibilities for using UAS-acquired data to increase model accuracy, thus reducing the cost and improving the outcome of road planning projects and wetland protection.

Example student projects using UAS-derived data

Mapping Volumes of Wood Chip Piles Via DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter

Water Surface Elevation Generation & Storm Debris Volume Estimation Using UAS

Jockey’s Ridge State Park: A Potential Mars Dune Analog

a student takes a photo of a UAS flight path

UAS Education

Unmanned Aerial Systems are revolutionizing data collection in the geospatial sciences. We keep students and professionals at the cutting edge of emerging technology and analysis.

Unable to attend a scheduled workshop at NC State? We can come to you! Contact Justyna Jeziorska to arrange a three-day workshop, one-day training or half-day imagery processing crash course at your location.

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