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UG ScholarshipsFinancial aid to undergraduates in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources is available through a variety of sources, including:

  • Timber Sale Receipts on Forestry Foundation Properties (Goodwin, Bull Neck Swamp, Taylor/Holt, and Hofmann forests)
  • Affiliated Foundations
  • Industry-sponsored Programs

To receive a departmental undergraduate scholarship, students must be full-time, undergraduate students enrolled in one of the following Forestry and Environmental Resources majors:

  • Forest Management
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Technology and Management
  • Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
  • Natural Resources-Ecosystem Assessment
  • Natural Resources-Policy and Administration

Click here to complete the online ACADEMIC scholarship application.

(Please note that the Work Crew and Summer Camp Scholarship Applications are separate from the online Academic Scholarship Application.)

Awards include the following types of scholarships and work/study programs:

Academic Scholarships

Each year, about 40 academic scholarships that range from $4,000-$6,000 are awarded to FER undergraduates. About 30 of these are renewed for current scholarship recipients, and about 10 are presented as new awards for students filing scholarship applications. Academic scholarships are typically awarded to students who have met the following eligibility requirements:

For incoming freshmen:

  • High School GPA minimum of 3.750 (unweighted)
  • SAT (combined math and verbal) minimum score of 1250
  • ACT minimum score of 25

For transfer and current NC State students:

  • College GPA minimum of 3.500

These scholarships offer one-half of the total scholarship amount per semester, and they are renewable for a maximum of three additional years based on continued demonstration of high professional standards and superior progress towards degree requirements.

Application Deadlines:

  • Priority Deadline for Incoming Freshmen is January 15
  • Priority Deadline for Current Students is April 1

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are available to students in specific FER majors. Most are based on academic achievement, professional promise, leadership potential and financial need. These annual scholarships are supported by the following endowments:

  • Stanford M. Adams – North Carolina Society of American Foresters Scholarship
  • T. Clyde & Sally Watts Auman Scholarship
  • William J. Barton and Alexander Calder, Jr. Industrial Forestry Scholarship
  • John M. and Sally Blalock Beard Scholarship
  • Butch Blanchard Scholarship
  • Robert and Regan Brown Scholarship
  • Camp Younts Foundation Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Scholarship
  • Class of 1960 Scholarship
  • Felton F. Coley Scholarship
  • Edwin F. Conger Scholarship
  • Stephen H. Conger, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Crescent Resources/Duke Energy Scholarship for Sustainable Forestry Scholarship
  • Phil Doerr Fisheries and Wildlife Scholarship
  • Robert E. Dorward Scholarship
  • Georgia-Pacific Scholarship
  • T.G. Harris/ J.P. Harper/Chesapeake Corporation Scholarship
  • Ken Hines, Jr. and Cathy Hines Scholarship
  • Sam Hughes Scholarship
  • G. Eddie Jackson Scholarship
  • Larry and Elsie Jervis Scholarship
  • Jimmy Jones/Hofmann Forest Scholarship
  • R.B. and Irene Jordan Scholarship
  • Leonard Kilian/National Association of State Foresters Scholarship
  • William R. Poole Scholarship of Distinction
  • Henry D. Smith / Canal Wood Corporation Endowed Scholarship
  • Spears-Hester Scholarship
  • T. Nelson Squires Scholarship
  • Donald and Jean Steensen Scholarship
  • Charles S. and Edith K. Sullivan Endowed Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Scholarship
  • Jonathan Wainhouse Memorial Scholarship
  • Bull Neck Wildlife Scholarship
  • Norman and Betty Camp Partners for Environmental Justice Scholarship
  • C. W. Comfort Memorial Fund
  • ​Ecology Wildlife Foundation Scholarship
  • Katherine Hester Award Scholarship
  • Hope Valley Forest Scholarship
  • Bob Slocum Communications Scholarship
  • William Walton and Emily Inscoe Stevens Soil Conservation Scholarship

Work Scholarships

Work scholarships (separate online application) provide students with paid job opportunities along with relevant field experience. Recipients usually work on one of the college-owned forests performing routine forest management tasks such as timber sale preparation, stand mapping, road and boundary line maintenance, preparing for thinnings, crop tree release cuttings and wildlife enhancement projects. A GPA minimum of 2.5 is required. FER work scholarship recipients are currently paid $20 per hour until they earn a total of $4800, and recipients must be willing to work on Saturdays. These scholarships are renewable, based on continued demonstration of high professional standards and maintaining a GPA minimum of 2.5.

The number of available work scholarships varies each year. About two work scholarship awards are supported by funds from Biltmore Forest and George K. Slocum endowments. In addition, 6-7 work scholarship awards are supported by timber sale receipts from the James L. Goodwin Forest.

Online application (Deadline is August 25)

Summer Camp Scholarships

Summer camp scholarships (separate paper application) help students defray the cost of attending NC FER’s wildlife or forestry summer camp. The dollar value of summer camp scholarships currently ranges between $500 and $1500. Awards are based on financial need, academic achievement and/or participation in student clubs. Others are provided by outside organizations related to specific fields. A total GPA of at least 2.5 is required, and these are not renewable.

About ten scholarships are awarded annually, and these awards are supported by the following endowments:

  • Ralph C. Bryant Scholarship
  • Hare/Hofmann/Huff Champion Timberlands Scholarship
  • Friends of the Forest Scholarship
  • Victor W. Herlevich Scholarship
  • T. E. Maki-Thomas Gemmer-William Johnson Scholarship
  • John M. “Jack” Sherrill Summer Camp Scholarship in Forestry
  • North Carolina Chapter of the Wildlife Society Fisheries and Wildlife

Application deadline for Summer Camp scholarships is March 20.

For More Information about Scholarships:

Richard Braham
Professor and Undergraduate Scholarships Director

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
Campus Box 8002
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8002
Phone: 919-515-7568