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Career Services for Employers

Career Fair

Forging Professional Connections

The Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State offers employers access to a well-trained pool of the best and the brightest young professionals in the sustainable materials, pulp, paper and allied industries today. Beginning their freshman year, our students are exposed to both the theoretical principles and the practical applications of knowledge within their areas of study. They work in the classroom, in the laboratory and out in the field on real-world challenges, meaning they begin contributing immediately when hired as full- or part-time members of your staff.

Forest Biomaterials students, both undergraduate and graduate, seek employment in the paper, pulp, print, sustainable materials, environmental and related sectors, including industries that rely on process engineering.

Opportunities to Connect with our Students

  • Paper Science Industry Career Fair – August 31, 2021
  • STEAM2 Career Expo (Fall semester – October)
  • Engineering Career Fair (Sept 14/15, 2021)
  • Request a Departmental Interview Day
  • Host a TAPPI Information Session
  • Mock interviews hosted through ePack
  • Company information sessions hosted through ePack
  • Post available positions through ePack for our Jobs Board

Request a Departmental Interview Day

Connect with our qualified students. When employers request a Departmental Interview Day, our Career Services Coordinator ensures that employers are able to identify students with the appropriate background, publicizes the opportunity to qualified students and arranges interviews in our department.

Since the market for Forest Biomaterials undergraduates and graduates is competitive, many students have multiple internship, co-op and employment offers in hand by spring of each year. The best time to contact our department to set up an Interview Day is in September and October. However, the spring is also a great time to recruit Sustainable Materials and Technology students.

Benefits of Recruiting Forest Biomaterials Students:

  • Interview rooms located in our main building, Biltmore Hall
  • 2-3 conference rooms available
  • Interviews publicized to qualified students well in advance
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Student resumes may be provided electronically prior to interview date
  • All resumes provided on interview day
  • Friendly, convenient service

TAPPI Information Sessions

Conducted by the student chapter of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), Information Sessions events take place the evening prior to a Departmental Interview Day for a specific company. Students are invited to attend this hour-long event, when company representatives give a presentation about the company and employment opportunities. Most companies choose to sponsor a light meal (sandwiches, pasta bar, chicken, etc.) at the beginning of the event.

If you would like to conduct an information session, please indicate so on your Request an Interview Day Form. You will be contacted by a TAPPI Student Chapter member to coordinate details.

ePack Tips for Employers

  • Employers can meet students in our building, Biltmore Hall, or the Career Development Center. If you want to meet in our building, please indicate that on the registration form.  The Career Development Center is in Pullen Hall, centrally located off Dan Allen Drive.
  • Employers may offer interview time slots to all qualified students (students in this category must meet pre-selected criteria such as major and GPA), a pre-selected group of students, or enter your own schedule.
  • For our students to learn about your jobs, interviews and information sessions, please enter one or more of the following majors under the Natural Resources menu: Paper Science and Engineering (BS), Sustainable Materials and Technology (BS) or Forest Biomaterials (MR, MS, Ph.D.).

Directions and Parking Instructions for Visitors

Paper Science and Engineering Offices – Biltmore Hall/Robertson Wing

  • Located at 2820 Faucette Drive between Morrill Drive and Dan Allen Drive.
  • With your parking pass you may park in any  “C” permit parking spaces on Faucette Drive.
  • During the day, parking passes are issued for street parking located on Faucette Drive. In the evening, you can access our building from Dan Allen Drive.
  • The parking lot is the second right off Dan Allen Drive. Enter the building at the Plaza/Glass entryway. The elevator is to the right. Take it to the second floor.
  • The Career Services office is located to the left as you exit the elevator.
  • Interview room 2208 is located across from the Career Services office.
  • Dr. Med Byrd’s office and conference room 2203 are located across the lobby bridge from the Career Services office.
  • TAPPI Information Sessions are held in classroom 2221 and are located to the right of the elevator.

Sustainable Materials and Technology Offices – Biltmore Hall

  • Located at 2820 Faucette Drive between Morrill Drive and Dan Allen Drive.
  • With your parking pass you may park in any  “C” permit parking spaces on Faucette Drive.
  • From Faucette Drive enter the Biltmore Hall lobby. Go down one flight of stairs on the right. The Sustainable Materials and Technology offices are located on the left (Suite 1022). When you enter the suite, interview room 1022P is the first door on the left.
  • The Hodges building address is 411 Dan Allen Drive.
  • In the evening, you can access the Hodges building from Dan Allen Drive.
  • The parking lot is the second right off Dan Allen Drive. The Hodges Building is on the right.