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Forest Biomaterials Scholarships

The Department of Forest Biomaterials aims to provide students with academic merit or financial need with support to attend NC State. Our departmental scholarships operate independently from the university-wide merit scholarship program, the college-wide program and the various federal, state and private programs.

Our considerable endowment enables us to award a large number of scholarships to incoming freshmen, transfer students and upperclassmen. Combined with well-paying summer internships and semester co-op jobs, these scholarships help many students finance a large portion of their undergraduate education.

Paper Science and Engineering Scholarships

Through the Pulp and Paper Advisory Board, the paper industry provides significant support for undergraduate scholarships and general program enrichment. Currently, more than 130 individual endowed scholarships are available to Paper Science and Engineering students, with half of all our students receiving funding from these merit-based awards, averaging $11,500.


How to Apply

  • Apply to NC State’s College of Engineering by the first deadline, November 1.
  • Once you are admitted to NC State, complete the Pack Assist Scholarship Application and the College of Engineering AND the Paper Science and Engineering Supplemental Questions.
  • We invite chemical and undeclared intended incoming freshman to apply for our scholarship as they continue to learn more about our program.
  • If Paper Science and Engineering is not already listed as your intended major, you must change your Engineering First Year Intent to Paper Science and Engineering (PSE) or Paper Science and Engineering/Chemical Engineering Dual intent before April 25 by emailing Kayli Richter in our admissions office and copying Angela Rush.

Important Notes

  • The priority deadline for Pack Assist is February 15. We review all applications submitted by February 21. We strongly encourage students to submit their application by the priority deadline so they will be considered for multiple campus and college awards.
  • Out-of-state students applying for the Paper Super Scholars or Mill Town Legacy scholarships must attend an onsite interview and scholarship celebration day in February as part of the selection process.
  • All award decisions are made in early March. All recipients will be notified by mid-March.
  • If you do not receive an award your first year, you can apply again in January of the following year.
  • If a student leaves NC State for a semester-long co-op experience, your award will be deferred until your return.

Sustainable Materials and Technology Scholarships

The Sustainable Materials and Technology program offers merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen, new off-campus transfers, on-campus transfers and continuing education students.  Every year, scholarships ranging from $500 to $3,000 are awarded to more than 40 percent of our students.


  • Recipients must be a full-time student enrolled in the Sustainable Materials and Technology major.
  • Recipients must take the courses listed on the Semester by Semester Plan for Sustainable Materials and Technology.
  • Recipients must not have received a full NC State scholarship that covers all tuition, housing and living expenses.

How to Apply

  • For incoming students, once you are admitted to NC State, complete the Pack Assist Scholarship Application. The priority deadline is February 15.
  • If Sustainable Materials and Technology is not already listed as your intended major, you must change your intent to before April 15 by emailing
  • Applications from continuing students must be submitted in Pack Assist by May 1 for consideration for the next academic year.

Important Notes

  • Sustainable Materials and Technology scholarships are not renewable.