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Paper Making and Testing Technical Services

The Go-To Place for Solutions to Papermaking and Testing Challenges

The mission of the Pulp and Paper Technical Services program is to support our allied industries with high quality, cost-effective services. From small-scale laboratory testing to pilot-scale production of large quantities of pulp or paper from a variety of sources, we are well-equipped for almost any technical challenge related to pulping and pride ourselves on a total customer focus.



We have great capabilities in papermaking at NC State. At bench scale, sheet moulds are available in a variety of sizes, with and without white water recycle. For pilot production of paper, the 12-inch “Wolfpack Baby” fourdrinier permits a cost-effective evaluation of a variety of furnishes and conditions.

Sheet Forming

Standard British Sheet Moulds
Standard British Sheet Moulds

Standard British Sheet Moulds

  • Number available: 3
  • Construction: 316 SS cast

Standard British Sheet Moulds with White Water Recycle

Standard British Sheet Moulds with White Water Recycle
Standard British Sheet Moulds with White Water Recycle
  • Number available: 2
  • Construction: stainless
  • Sump pump can be enabled to recycle white water back into mould. Immersion heaters with temperature control.

Square Handsheet Mould

Square Handsheet Mould
Square Handsheet Mould
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 11.5 ” (24 x 29 cm)

Pilot Fourdrinier

First installed in 1957, the “Wolfpack Baby” was significantly upgraded in recent years. This small machine is quite flexible and permits the evaluation of a number of furnishes and process conditions in a short time period, which help keep costs low.

Pilot Fourdrinier


  • deckle width 14-15″
  • reel width 9-12″
  • basis weight range 20-200 lb/3000 ft2 (33-325 g/m2)
  • speed range 30-150 feet/mipilot fourdrinier (2)n (9-45 m/min)
  • production rate 50-100 MD lb/hour
  • atmospheric headbox
  • wet end shake for good formation
  • table rolls
  • four vacuum flat boxes
  • dandy roll
  • full white water recirculation loop
  • forward 1st press, felted
  • reversing 2nd press, felted pilot fourdrinier (3)
  • smoothing 3rd press, unfelted
  • 1st dryer section with 8 steam-heated cylinders
  • 2nd dryer section (after size press) with 5 steam-heated cylinders
  • metering size press (go to page AK)
  • calender stack with two hard, one soft nip
  • Measurex 2002 scanner with basis weight and moisture control
  • wet-end additives system with high-shear makedown tanks, continuous metering to multiple points on wet end

Paper Testing

Paper Testing
Paper Testing

NC State has a well-appointed testing laboratory capable of most routine and specialized testing.

Paper Testing

  • Brightness, Opacity, color spectrum
  • Tensile (regular and zero-span)
  • Tear
  • Burst
  • Fold
  • STFI Edge Compression
  • Ring crush
  • HST, Cobb
  • Scott Bond
  • Sheffield Smoothness, Parker Print Surface
  • Gurley porosity
  • Stiffness – Taber and vibrational
  • Aging/Yellowing via controlled irradiation (Atlas Weatherometer)
  • Image analysis (microscopic and scanner)