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Master of Forest Biomaterials

master of Forest Biomaterials

The Master of Forest Biomaterials program is designed specifically for professionals employed in the paper and allied industries. Enrolled students may maintain their current job while pursuing this degree and, as employees, apply the knowledge they gain from courses and the independent project to their current positions to enhance their value as employees.

This non-thesis program on NC State‚Äôs campus requires 30 credit hours if students already have one or more years of relevant industry experience. For students with no experience, the program requires 36 credit hours. All students, regardless of background, should complete the program requirements within three years.

As a Department of Forest Biomaterials graduate student, you will complete a series of core classes and are encouraged to further develop your own program of study to meet your unique interests. Students may select courses offered by other departments or colleges at NC State and from courses offered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or Duke University. Various research, thesis, credit hours and qualifying exam requirements may apply, depending on the program.

Once admitted, graduate students will enroll in Forest Biomaterials courses listed on the Student Services Course Catalog, with all of our courses designated as 500-level or higher. Our graduate program also places considerable emphasis on developing a strong minor in one or more supporting disciplines, such as organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, mathematics, statistics, biology, engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, physics, economics, or business administration.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Paper Science and Engineering required core courses: 12 credit hours
  • Advised electives: 9 credit hours
  • Free electives: 3 credit hours
  • Independent project: 5 credit hours
  • Seminar: 1 credit hour

Program Policies and Forms