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International Activities

Few economic sectors are as global in nature as the wood products, paper and pulp industries. All around the world, companies operating in these fields are facing the same challenges: how to remain financially viable while following environmentally responsible and sustainable harvesting, manufacturing and production practices. At the same time, other global industries are calling for raw materials such as solid wood, pulp and forest biomaterials to support the production of transportation fuels, energy, pharmaceuticals, plastics, commodity chemicals, fiber-based materials and more.

The Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State (FB) addresses these challenges by engaging in global research projects and partnerships, welcoming international students from all around the world to its undergraduate and graduate programs, covering global issues in program curricula and sponsoring international study opportunities, including study abroad options. In addition, our groundbreaking BioResources journal is governed by an international editorial board that contributes content on topics of interest all around the world.

Looking to network with other international Forest Biomaterials alumni, students, post doctoral scholars or research assistants? Click here to join the Forest Biomaterials, NC State University – International Group.