Most Congenial Senior – Alex May

Alex May Most Congenial Senior Each year, a student in the PSE department is awarded the George T. Davis “Most Congenial Senior” award at the Senior Banquet in the spring. This year’s recipient was Alex May, a well-known student around the College of Natural Resources. Alex is double majoring in paper science and engineering and chemical engineering with a minor in business.  The “Most Congenial Senior” award can be tacked on to a long list of achievements, including TAPPI’s Cullison Award and the Phillips Family Leadership Incentive for Alex.  In response to the selection, Alex said “Thank you very much for this honor. I have very much enjoyed working alongside and studying with each one of you. It has been a great opportunity and honor to learn from both my peers and my professors.”

Alex’s Involvement Impacted Many

Alex is a kind and helpful face around the department, and he can frequently be seen working on homework in the TAPPI lounge. His affability has helped him succeed in the field as well as the classroom.  He has had three industry experiences with WestRock at Hopewell, VA, PCA at Valdosta, GA, and Neenah Paper at Watertown/Brownville. He also spent a summer in London with Serge, a non-profit organization. At school, he has stayed very much involved both inside and outside of the department. He participated in Toastmasters, completing his Competent Communicator Certificate, served as the TAPPI President for the 2016-2017 school year, and was also involved with the Reformed University Fellowship, with which he recently traveled to London on a spring break service trip. Alex said his favorite memories from his time in PSE include attending TAPPI Student Summits in Savannah, GA, Portland, ME, Cincinnati, OH, and Charleston, SC, and successfully completing an escape room with friends from TAPPI. He also enjoys fishing, disc golf, and intramural soccer

 Success is Never Accomplished Alone

As we all know, no one gets to graduation alone, and Alex has plenty of thanks to give: “I want to recognize my Lord and Savior, Jesus, for the joy he has put in my heart each day. I also want to recognize my peers and professors, because I have been constantly surrounded by generous and caring people from new student orientation to graduation.” Now that Alex has crossed the finish line and walked across the stage at graduation, he will be working for Cree, Inc. in Durham, NC. Congratulations again to Alex, and best of luck in future endeavors!

By guest blogger Lindsay Leonard