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Student Spotlight: Garnett Bullock

Garnett Bullock, a Sustainable Materials and Technology major, has completed a number of hands-on experiences while at NC State. From Compost Concierge to Cabinet Installer, he’s able to take a closer look at the sustainability angle at any position. Get to know Bullock and some of the many opportunities available to College of Natural Resources students.

Tell us about your hands-on experiences. 

1) I worked as a Compost Concierge Intern through the NC State Waste Reduction and Recycling Office, where I managed the NC State Compost Learning Lab Site and grew student involvement with the site.

2) I worked as an intern at Belle Grey Farms in Upperville, VA during a summer, where I assisted a small timber milling and custom horse jump business for 9 weeks.

3) I worked on and off for my father’s residential custom cabinetry business based out of Gastonia, NC, where I helped as a CNC Router operator, cabinet manufacturer and installer.

4) I served as an NC State Sustainability Steward each semester, leading both Compost group for 4 semesters and our Shack-A-Thon team for the last three years.

5) I’ve worked as a Trip Leader for NC State Outdoor Adventures, leading undergraduate and graduate students on backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking and canoeing trips in a variety of places throughout NC and surrounding states.

How did these experiences impact you?

Each experience provided a different opportunity for me to build a community while working toward common goals and embracing challenges along the way. The opportunities all helped me become more interdependent, and, most importantly, see past personal differences with others during any shared experience.

Any advice to incoming students thinking about your major, field of study or research focus?

I would recommend any new student interested in material science and/or sustainable building and materials to try and learn everything possible about internships or club opportunities on campus because they seem to be limitless. My biggest regret of college is that I waited to start having meaningful discussions with people that had similar (and different!) opinions and ideas than myself. This allowed me to begin relating the material from my Sustainable Materials and Technology classes to the real world and people and helped me start forming a vision of the impacts I would like to make using the knowledge my education provided me.

Anything else you would like to say?

My most time- and energy-consuming – but also fulfilling – activity as a student is working as a trip leader for NC State Outdoor Adventures. I’ve been able to connect with and meet students from around the world and offer them unrivaled college experiences in the outdoors.