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PSE Class Ambassadors Connect Our Alumni

We are GRATEFUL for our Class Ambassadors!  Their job is to help send and receive information about program and alumni happenings to their class group.  Thanks for all you do!

If you are interested in volunteering, here are the years we have openings.  Some of us are even serving as a liaison for classes NEAR ours, but not our own.  Please email Paula Harrod if you are willing to help now and/or in the future.

1956-1965, 1969-1971
1976, 1980
1990-1992, 1997, 1999
2000, 2006, 2007 2008

NameClass Years Contacted
John McClendon1966
Ernie Alexander1967
Mack Bailey1968
Bob Harley1972
Rex Robertson1973 – 1974
Mike Dennison1975
Wayne Bucher1977
Ronnie Campbell1976 & 1978
John Chrise1979
Jack Lowdermilk1980 & 1982
Greg Hedrick, Bart Nicholson and Kevin Speight1981
Tim Corey and Bill Rogers1983
Gray Carter1984
Allen Sanders1985
Clark Hight1986
Tim Tompkins1987
Rich Venditti1988
Tim Wilde1989
Roger Norton1993
Jeff Buchanan1994
Tonya Elium1995 & 1997
Jill Shifflett1996
Blake Farmer1998 – 1999
Jan Morgan2000, 2001
Jason Persinger2002
Kelley Wilbur2003
Heather Smyth2004
Cindy Hendren2005
Susan Short Buenaventura2008 – 2009
Jordan Jernigan Russell2010
Danny Martin2011
Michael Woolford2012
Carter Rechtin and Katie Payne2013
Kim Phillips and Scott Conrad2014
Adam Elhammoumi and Jesse Swanner2015
Lauren Moody and Bobby Oglesby2016
Sarah Sassorossi and Michael Stephens2017
Alex Hight and Jensen Vellaringattu2018
Lindsay Leonard, Manon MacAllister  Sam Melikian, and Kat Santoro2019
Winslow Gurney, Brandon Long, Claudia Patterson, Breonda Snead2020