Kaleb Estridge – A Student Making a Difference

Kaleb Estridge

My name is Kaleb Estridge.  I am from Cleveland County, NC and am a first-year Paper Science and Engineering student at NC State University.

High School Students Want to Know

Over fall break, October 10 – 11, 2019, I took the opportunity to return to my hometown and speak with students at several local high schools about the programs and opportunities available at the College of Natural Resources (CNR).  I was able to talk to them about career paths they never knew about, or considered.   It was truly an honor to represent CNR and specifically the Paper Science and Engineering program.  I’m highly appreciative of all the opportunities that are available through our college, and wanted to share them with as many students that would listen.   I wish when I was a student in high school,  that a college student would have taken the time to come and present to me.

I spoke to Kings Mountain and Burns High School, and the Cleveland County Early College.  Students from a wide variety of interests and backgrounds were drawn to the majors that are available in CNR.  Many high school students believe pathways to majors and careers, are much more straightforward than they really are.  I stressed staying open-minded and identified the diverse majors offered in our college.  I was able to present this information to over 100 students and nearly 45% of students were interested enough to leave their contact information.  This level of interest was very encouraging to me.

The main points I wanted students to know about involved cost, major diversity, and opportunity.  With numerous paid co-op and research opportunities, students can earn money towards paying tuition while gaining valuable work experience.  I also encouraged them to stay open to all options, advocating a multitude of varying majors in our college, as nearly half of current students will decide to change majors throughout college.

Share your Passion of CNR

I would encourage everyone, to take time to visit their high school and talk to as many students as possible.  So many students were surprised to know how much they didn’t know about college. This entire experience was very illuminating to me and the students I presented to.  I highly recommend to all students in CNR, to share what you are passionate about and what you have gained from this inspiring college experience.  I have found it to be a message and opportunity worth spreading.  Thank you to all the faculty and industry supporters who have made it what it is.

by guest blogger Kaleb Estridge