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Hodges Wood Products Lab Hosts the North American Laminate Flooring Association

The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) gathered together at NC State on March 10-12th to collaborate with our Hodges Wood Products Technical Services team, represented by Lyndsey Campbell and Guillermo Velarde. Technical representatives of the member companies visited NC State‚Äôs Hodges Wood Products Lab to review testing capabilities with hands-on demos. The association is collaborating with NC State to assess novel methodologies to test the performance of laminate flooring.

Dr. Hakovirta kicked off the meeting by welcoming everyone to the University, College and Department. Attending members of the association represented companies from all across North America including manufacturers, suppliers and buying groups to the industry. During the visit, the members worked on varying committees to advance the laminate flooring industry.

The meeting included a guest speaker, Dr. Michael L. Walden, a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor and Extension Economist at North Carolina State University. Additionally, a member of the Graduate Economics faculty with The Poole College of Management. Dr. Walden gave insightful information on the state of the economy and how it may affect business going forward.

NALFA is the only trade association dedicated solely to the laminate flooring industry and directly works with the Hodges Wood Products Lab to further their efforts. NC State remains standing as the only Academic and Testing Lab member of the Association.


By Technical Services Author: Lyndsey Campbell