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Through the Eyes of the Most Congenial Senior

Each spring, a “Most Congenial Senior Award” is given to a member of the graduating class, which includes students who graduate in either the spring or fall of the current year.  The  senior class votes for one student that they believe to be amiable, personable, hospitable, and an all-around good person.

And the Winner Is…

The award this year was presented to Daniel Richardson. We surprised him with this award at our virtual senior banquet (note photo above).

Daniel wrote the article below to convey what it meant to him to be the recipient of this honoring award.

I am from Rocky Mount, NC and will graduate in May, 2020 with a degree in Paper Science and Engineering.  Growing up I was always a shy, mischievous kid that never opened up to my peers. I just didn’t feel comfortable and felt safer in my own thoughts and perception. It wasn’t until middle school when I made the basketball team that I started to see what it was like being around other kids my age.  Since then, I’ve still been on the reserved side, but I feel that I connect most with others in situations where not many people are around.  I have found that these conversations are more personal and heartfelt, as opposed to conversations in larger group settings.  There’s something that I love about the most mundane situations.

Seeking out the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I guess that’s where I find that the most meaningful conversations are produced.  I would say that this explains my daily encounters with others.  I seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Everybody has their own creative and distinct mind, which allows them to comfortably be who they are.  People deserve to be complex because of the different creative abilities that make them who they are.  I also find that it’s conversations with my peers about their hobbies, experiences, etc. that encourage me when I’m not having my best day.  Seeing the life that other people carry brings me to appreciate the position that I’ve been blessed to have.  It was truly unexpected that my peers thought of me as “Most Congenial Senior”.  Looking back, I never would have thought I could receive such an award, being the reserved kid that I was in grade school. Through it all, I would not be the person I am today if I hadn’t grown deeper in my relationship with God. My Christian faith has opened me up to be more self-aware and transparent about who I am while seeking to learn and care for my peers in whatever way I can. I’m humbled to know that I’ve made such a significant impact on my peers and am very appreciative to have obtained such an honor with them, and by them.

CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL!  We are thankful for the time and energy he poured into our program and his efforts live on for future students to see.

By guest blogger Daniel Richardson