Bonded by Paper – A Challenge for our Alumni

Dear Alumni –

Greetings!  Our faculty, staff, Pulp and Paper Board members and fellow alumni send our sincerest wishes for your health and safety.

You may have noticed that August came and went without a “big push” for our 6th annual class contest. Our board, committees and volunteers were working hard to bring something more relevant and timely to these annual efforts.  Therefore, let us introduce to you . . .

“Bonded by Paper”

In this unsettling season, we desire to connect with and provide support to each other, with a flair of competitiveness; together! We know that each of you, and segments of our industry, have all been impacted differently by the pandemic. This is an opportunity to help others in need if you can and connect with each other as we ARE “Stronger as a Pack”.

We have set TWO GOALS for the month of September:

  1. 50% total alumni participation in an EXCITING digital class book we are launching.

Stay tuned for an email* directly from Jennifer Piercy that will allow you to quickly fill out a personal page and browse ALL paper alumni and current students on the same private site.

  1. $10,000 raised in a *new* NEED BASED scholarship fund (“Paper Science Success Award”) solely for paper science students.
    • 52% of our students are on scholarship, most at $3,000/year
    • Total cost of attendance is $26,053 for in-state and $46,379 for out-of-state
    • 7% can contribute $0 to their cost of attendance
    • 66% have verified need of $10,000 or more

The university has rescheduled its annual “Day of Giving” for September 16, 2020. Anyone wishing to contribute can do so on this day, or really anytime.

Additionally, PLEASE LET US KNOW if your employment has been impacted by COVID-19. We welcome you to utilize our in-house placement services.  All communications are confidential and can be submitted to Brittany Hayes ( or Jennifer Piercy (

Finally, enjoy our new, 2020 Pulp and Paper Annual Report.

* The email for our digital alumni book will come to the email address we have on file (check spam).  If you try to log on with a different email, you will receive an “email not authorized” message.  Simply contact the editor, which is Jennifer Piercy, and she will update your email for access.