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Lofty Goals Set by New Student TAPPI Leaders

Covid will not stop student TAPPI from running strong

Although this school year might look different than usual,  student TAPPI will be running as strong as always with their new president Andrew Chu. Andrew is a rising junior pursuing dual degrees in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering degree. He decided to run for TAPPI president because he understands the importance of the organization in the paper and pulp industry and its significant impact on the success of the Paper Science and Engineering program, through scholarships and networking. He also hopes “to give back and help grow our local chapter.”

Leadership, Communication and Adaptability

Andrew has many goals he would like to accomplish as President, such as increasing overall student participation for all TAPPI chapter events. He also would like to keep the organization running as “normal” as possible even though this year will be very different due to COVID-19. Andrew said that he thinks “it is very important that we are here to support our members [during these times] in any way that we can. I am not certain what the following year will look like, but we must be adaptable.” He hopes to prioritize communication with his fellow officers and stay proactive with his work like his predecessor Michael McKenzie. Andrew is ready to face these new challenges and adjust his leadership style to lead TAPPI during these unfortunate circumstances.  His team elected into other positions are listed below.

President: Andrew Chu 

Vice President: Tali Horst

Treasurer: Camille Brule

Secretary: Iggy Senchak (Fall) & Bennett Surrett (Spring)

Program Chair: Matthew Klassa

Pre-night Committee: Kyra Attridge, Grant Swicegood, Brandon Sanchez & Natalie Laux

Publicity Chair: Aitana Blevins

Service Chair: Jesse Price

Activities Chair: Tyler Warlow

Fundraising Chair: Kara Holland

Council Representative: Braden Oakes (Fall) & Wallace Layman (Spring)

Merchandise Coordinators: Daniel Lucas & Natalie Laux

Thanks to all of our student volunteers and leaders for their commitment and service!

By guest blogger Bennett Surrett