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My “Not-So-Scary” Freshman First Week

Smooth Transition

Before I moved onto campus, the thought of college was a scary one.  I have never been the type of person to welcome change and I have feared the idea of moving to a different home throughout my life.  However, when I tell you my first week on campus could not have been smoother, there is no exaggerating that.  Of course, there was that appropriate air of awkwardness throughout my suite as we all were getting acquainted to one another, but that soon expired, and we became closer than I ever could have imagined in one week.  Since a few of my suitemates had already been on campus for several days, they had already met some other people from throughout our residence hall, Sullivan, and others around campus.  Therefore, when I arrived on campus, I would tag along with them and meet their new friends.  We all easily became a decently sized friend group, like we had known each other our entire lives.  I think I am very lucky to have met the people that are in my suite and those I know outside of it.  I never thought it likely to find amazing friends that fast, and all I can say is that I am grateful.

Frustration turns into Friendship

Unlike a lot of other students, my experience at State started the weekend before classes started, whereas most people had moved in earlier on the 10-day schedule that was developed to spread out move-ins.  I actually “moved in” two Sundays, or August 2nd, before classes started.  However, I went home, to South Carolina, for the rest of the week and then drove back up Friday morning to meet my roommate and his family.  While they were setting up his half of the room, I was getting quite frustrated trying to set up the internet on my Xbox and we became more acquainted with one another as he and his dad started throwing suggestions around to help me.

Dr. Byrd makes Unfamiliar…Familiar

One of my biggest concerns about starting college was the transition from high school.  I was almost certain that my first week would be full of confusion and many concepts that I did not understand.  There definitely was some confusion, but not to the point I had anticipated.  Most of it derived from all the different websites and programs we must access for classes more than the actual material, which was surprisingly mostly review material.  The biggest help on the educational side of things was Dr. Byrd.  I never thought someone could make an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people feel so welcoming, but he did it with ease.  I think his constant encouragement really helped me get my college career started in a calm fashion.  Because of him and the amazing new people that I have met, I am ready to tackle college more now than ever before.

By guest blogger Luke Griffin