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2024 Senior Celebration

Seniors, families, faculty and staff gathered Thursday, April 18th to celebrate their final weeks at NC State and their impending Paper Science and Engineering degrees as well as Chemical Engineering degrees for many students. This incredible group led the COVID charge as freshmen in 2020, it would be hard to imagine they will find insurmountable obstacles as budding professionals. What was hardship and difficulty has flourished into staying power and achievement.

The evening began with students and families arriving to have their pictures taken and then mingling and recounting stories acquired over the past four years. Some moans about upcoming finals could be heard, but the light at the end of this long academic tunnel, was evident in their smiles and laughter. As part of tradition, both students and faculty launched playful skit “digs” at each other leading to boisterous applause and snickers to go round. Our family gets each other and our family is large enough to welcome a new class each year to the alumni umbrella.

Our most congenial senior award had to make space as three winners were announced! Ian Seidel, Weston Cregger and Sam Webb who, unfortunately, was unable to attend were recognized for their spirit, engagement and supportive natures. Though we all recognized the superlatives this class leaves behind, this particular award highlighted their remarkable selves.

We extend many thanks to sponsor, Procter & Gamble, for helping celebrate our 2024 Seniors.