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Paper International Experience


The Paper International Experience (PIE) program allows students in PSE to develop as well-rounded professionals ready to make significant contributions to industry, their community, and their world.

On this biennial trip, students are immersed for 10 days in a different culture. During the most recent trips to China and Finland, students were able to see, up close, amazing pulp and paper manufacturing operations, research centers, supplier facilities (fabrics, automation and pilot machines) and more. They also interacted with students at universities with paper and biomaterials related degree programs.

Participants become more aware of the global community, and experience things they never have before. They understand their own pulp and paper industry better, in the context of the global market. They are better thinkers, better learners and (we think) better engineers for having done this.

You can read about our past trips on the Paper International Experience website.

2019 Trip

The 2019 trip destination  was to Spain!
2019 Goal = $43,000
Progress to date: $43,255

Georgia Pacific
International Paper
Pinnacle Waste Processing
Schwab Charitable

Dr. Ernie Alexander
Narender Arcot
Dr. Dimitris Argyropoulos
Ryan Barnes
Mandy Bedard
Pat Beunaventura
Lou Boos
Jeff Buchanan
Bruce Butler
Jim Buzzard
Dr. Hou-min Chang
Brent & Lesa Collins
Bradley Cooper
Brian Cronin
Amanda Cutsail
Lara De Fuenmayor
Joe K. Donald
Daniel Dudley
Ashleigh Eason
Matthias Einwaller
Adam Elhammoumi
Cheryl Elhammoumi
Tonya Elium
Mary Elliston
Kelly Fitzwater
Lara Fuenmayor
Kristen Grant
Dane Grismer
Marko Hakovirta
John Hall
Rick Hall
Paula Harrod
Carrie Hawes
Clark Hight
Dr. Martin Hubbe
Michelle Hudson
Hasan Jameel
Charles Joseph
Doug Kaminskas
Dr. Steve Kelley
Dr. Lucian Lucia
Danny Martin
Joe McDonald
Todd Moore
Bart Nicholson
Larry Offill
Dr. Richard Phillips
Jennifer Piercy
Metts Potter
Jamie Pye
Carter & Cydney Rechtin
Ashley Rusnak
Jackson Russell
Sarah Sassorossi
Moe Savage
Nick Savage
Jesse Shade
David Sheppard
Ben Slaydon
Jesse Swanner
Chuck Thames
Mason Umlauf
Dr. Richard Venditti

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Past Trips

PIE 2019: Spain

PIE 2017: China

PIE 2015: Finland

PIE 2013: China

PIE 2011: Brazil

PIE 2009: Chile

PIE 2007: China