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paper_science Paper Science & Engineering (PSE) is an applied engineering discipline related to chemical and process engineering. Its original purpose was to provide specialized training for chemical-type engineers in the specific science, terminology, technology, and engineering principles related to the production of pulp and paper. The paper industry is one of the largest and most successful chemical process industries in North America. The PSE program at NC State has an outstanding reputation, and graduates from the program enjoy some of the highest salaries and placement rates of all the programs at NC State.

Degrees Offered

B.S. in Paper Science & Engineering

This curriculum leads to a single B.S. degree in Paper Science & Engineering. Fully accredited, this degree permits students to enter the paper industry and many related industries. In addition to one engineering elective, students are required to take three advised electives in some area of interest and proficiency, such as chemistry, math, statistics, business, or environmental technology.

Semester-by-Semester Curriculum

B.S. in Paper Science & Engineering / B.S. In Chemical Engineering

This curriculum is similar to that for the single degree in Paper Science & Engineering. However, all electives are replaced by courses in Chemical Engineering. Students complete the B.S. in PSE in eight semesters and then come back for one final semester to complete the B.S. in Chemical Engineering. The combination of degrees gives students access to jobs with an almost unlimited number of companies, including paper, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Semester-by-Semester curriculum

Our Success

Students enrolled in the PSE program are highly valued by companies in the industry as summer interns and semester co-ops. Even freshmen are sought after for internships during their first summer. Companies do not ask PSE students to go to the NCSU Career Center and compete with other engineering students on campus for these positions – instead, the companies come to the PSE building and interview only PSE students. Frequently, companies will sponsor dinner and an informal information session the night prior to interviews.

Because of the outstanding reputation of the PSE program, 80-100 % of graduates will have one or more job offers at the time of graduation – regardless of the state of the economy or the industry. Starting salaries and signing bonuses are among the highest for any graduates from NC State.

Dual-degree students will find that they are highly prized by not only paper-related companies, but also by petrochemical, chemical, and other major industrial companies.

For over 50 years, graduates from the PSE program have gone on to make significant contributions to the paper industry, other chemical process industries, and many other professional arenas. Our alumni include vice-presidents, mill managers, technical managers, research directors, consultants, sales personnel, business owners, professors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and clergymen. With a long history of outstanding student care and thorough engineering education, the PSE program has much of which to be proud.

You can learn more about student outcomes on our Program Educational Objectives page.

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