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What We Offer

The undergraduate programs offered by NC State’s Department of Forest Biomaterials (FB) prepare students for successful careers in the sustainable materials,and pulp, paper and allied industries. Every aspect of our programs are designed to provide students with the theoretical, practical, personal and professional skills they will need to make an immediate contribution to their fields.

How do we do this?

  • By offering classes that have been developed with input from industry
  • By offering in-department interviews with industry recruiters
  • By emphasizing internships, co-op programs and hands-on research in order to provide students with on-the-job experience
  • With advising services that ensure our students are pursuing the right area of interest, and taking the necessary courses in order to maximize their career potential
  • By encouraging our students grow, develop, remain flexible and keep their options open so they can discover their niche

During their studies at NC State, our students have the opportunity to take advantage of many professional networking resources. FB alumni, industry executives, faculty and fellow students, especially seniors, are all part of this network.


When it comes time for placement in a permanent position, FB enjoys long-standing relationships with all the major employers in all sectors of our allied industries. We connect employers with students, facilitate interviews and meetings, and are proud of both our placement record and the success of our alumni.

All of this preparation leads to graduates who are highly trained, highly focused and highly prized by employers year after year, regardless of industry conditions or the state of the overall economy.