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Wood, Pulping and Bleaching Chemistry Research

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Driving Industry Improvements

Pulping and bleaching are an important process for turning raw materials like wood and grasses into paper or other commercial products. The Department of Forest Biomaterials pursues fundamental and applied research related to the characterization and manipulation of genetics for improved wood properties and enhanced pulping and bleaching techniques. Our specialties include lignin chemical characterization, novel analytical methods, solvent systems for cellulosic materials and biomass conversion to chemical intermediates.

Our research is vital to the future of the pulp and paper industries. Our research helps drive industry to increase efficiency and market value. Examples of recent projects include integrating black liquor gasification into a kraft mill and developing process modifications to pulping and bleaching to increase cost-competitiveness of these processes.

Meet our Wood, Pulping and Bleaching Chemistry Faculty

Interested in wood, pulping and bleaching research? Contact our faculty to learn more and get involved.